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This park and the co-managed state parks protect almost half of all remaining Coastal Redwoods, the tallest trees on Earth. There are three large river systems in this very seismically active area, and the 37 miles (60 km) of protected coastline have tide pools and seastacks. The prairie, estuary, coast, river, and forest ecosystems have varied animal and plant species.

Did the hike today as mapped with my 7 month old lab that is being trained as a service dog. The trail and area are very beautiful. There are a lot of redwoods but not near as much as some of the trails nearby. About mid way on the hike there is an option to do part along Mill Creek but it was closed due to the beginning of the salmon spawn. I'll do that option in the summer. To begin the hike there is a hill that is .9m long. Along the hike there are a couple of other big hills that are about a half mile and another probably a mile. There is also an easier option to this trail and it can be done from 3 different starting points. As mapped it's 10.3 miles. If you follow the 1st posters directions it's about the same but if you open the gate he mentioned you can drive up the road and park and skip one of the hills and about 1.5 miles of the hike. You'll actually see a bathroom and a handicapped parking space up there. The only reason I didn't rate this 5 stars is you hike on way too many old logging roads instead of single tracks. This will be a hike I repeat many times...

Beautiful meandering trail through this Redwood grove. Absolutely spectacular at mid-morning as the sunlight is filtering through these majestic trees.

Beautiful trees everywhere.

Kids and I walked the first 2 miles and then went back. hardly saw anybody else. amazing views. no logging trucks when we went

My kids and I walk this trial every couple of months - beauty!

The trail does start where it is mapped. In fact it starts at the Mill Creek Horse Trail where it shows. I started it from the posters advice from below and without knowing the names of the trails stayed on Rellim Ridge and ended up by the closed Mill Creek campgrounds. I walked out the road to 101 and took country roads back past the casino and up Howland Hills rd and back to my car. It still was a nice hike. If you start out at the Mill Creek Horse Trail there is a nice trail map posted at the beginning of the trail that actual gives the trail names so you can do the hike as planned. As you start up the hill on Howland Hills rd you will see a sign on the right for Mill Creek Horse Trail. The next time I do it I will complete it as mapped and post again.....

Beautiful. Amazing to watch wildlife!

1 month ago

It's been decades since I've done this one. I fished the lagoon with my Dad back when they planted rainbow trout there. Long before this site existed....

awesome old growth trees

We spent two days in the Redwoods and this was one of the two trails we enjoyed. This is just a short walk but we spent a lot of time just being there, rather than just walking through. What a fabulous place and very photogenic. A very easy walk and relatively few people for being the middle of July. It's easy to find, but parking can be tricky because of the small parking lot. Go early to avoid a backlog. We had to wait in line to get in.

3 months ago

Unreal mystic big trees. Lots of it. Must see.

Amazing little trail!!

nice easy hike. very pretty.

3 months ago

From the Lagoon Creek picnic area parking lot, the Yurok Loop trail passes through coastal forest, which includes spruce trees, but not redwoods, to reach bluffs that overlook False Klamath Cove and the Pacific Ocean. The trail then passes through the forest again to return to the parking lot.

At the southern end of the loop the trail meets the Coastal Trail. About 0.75 miles further south, the Coastal Trail meets a trail leading to Hidden Beach. Hidden Beach is a small sand beach that provides views of wave-cut cliffs and sea stacks.

The trail is lightly used and so is overgrown in spots. Hidden Beach is remote and secluded, so hikers should pay close attention to tides and waves.

The Lady Bird Johnson Grove Trail is an easy, nearly level hike through old-growth redwood forest. The trail also includes a self-guided tour that describes the ecology of redwood forests and some history of the area.

The trailhead is a bit out of the way, but the hike is definitely worth the drive.

3 months ago

4 months ago

This is a great trail to reach Hidden Beach. Goes through a variety of vegetation with a few slight ups and downs. Part of the trail goes along the coast along with some wooded sections as well.

We did this hike 25 years ago and again this week- it is as amazing now as the impression it made the first time. Brought our 13 and 16 year old girls and they rate this as one of their favorite hikes in the area, despite the climb out! Beautiful at the bottom and some great views going both up and down. The redwoods are a truly magical place in my book!