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This park and the co-managed state parks protect almost half of all remaining Coastal Redwoods, the tallest trees on Earth. There are three large river systems in this very seismically active area, and the 37 miles (60 km) of protected coastline have tide pools and seastacks. The prairie, estuary, coast, river, and forest ecosystems have varied animal and plant species.

7 days ago

Fantastic trail for scenery. Path is a dirt road and is easy in that respect. We detoured to make a better loop of it and ended up climbing straight up about a 500' elevation in long grass, which I don't recommend. Otherwise we had a great time exploring.

Nice trail. Starts out at the north end of the bridge as an old road. It is fairly wide for much of its length. We hiked it in December and a couple of times the trail was blocked by collapsed trees. There is one nice coastal view point. Most of the trail is in the forest. Sometimes the trail wanders close to the highway and you can hear cars and trucks. At the end you reach a camp ground and a little beyond that the trail intersects another trail--probably coming up from the highway.

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25 days ago

Awesome drive... gave me a chance to see some of the trailheads I will be using in the near future. I got to see and take some pics of a herd of Elk and got to see a Prairie Chicken(Grouse) that I don't see very often. I drove by the fire lookout way up top as well. Oddly enough there is a fire station back there too. I drove through a bit of snow and ice as well... Brook, my lab got to see snow for the 1st time. Pretty funny, I did Little Bald Hills Trail 2 days ago and they are 60+ miles apart.

Pretty little trail without much of a pond... The trail ends up in a widened creek area due especially to the 5-6 inches of rain we got yesterday. Very gentle and easy trail especially good for someone that doesn't hike much and children. I did several trails in the park today and the only people I saw were on this one.

A wet hike but a beautiful one!! Was in constant awe of all the giants!

1 month ago

What a great trail. Not a hike more like a stroll. Awesome trees

I did the trail from the lagoon to the lookout and back. The 1st mile is pretty flat and has some ocean views but is pretty boring. If you want to go to the beach do it on a low tide. It was a high tide today and no beach at all... The rest of the trail is better but doesn't have very many views until you get close to the top then you have ocean views again. It's a fairly gentle slope and not too difficult a hike but still decent cardio. I also did the Yurok Loop along the way. All the other trails I've done in the area are a cut above this one. 50-50 whether I will ever do this one again...

A nice little trail with a lot of signage talking about the road it used to be. Surprising they put that much effort taking the road out and making this tiny trail. A time that gov agencies had more money to burn..... #274

2 months ago

With the family as a kid...

2 months ago

Found this a couple of years ago showing my wife the Yurok's salmon netting during the peak of the season. There were also whale watching volunteers at the parking lot as well. Interesting high views of the river and ocean.

2 months ago

Two years ago we found this and a hundred or so people fishing the spit for salmon. Went there 4 times in the next 2 weeks to catch a total of 10.... It was a great find. The amount of seals and sea lions chasing fish was unreal.

3 months ago

3 months ago

Did the hike today as mapped with my 7 month old lab that is being trained as a service dog. The trail and area are very beautiful. There are a lot of redwoods but not near as much as some of the trails nearby. About mid way on the hike there is an option to do part along Mill Creek but it was closed due to the beginning of the salmon spawn. I'll do that option in the summer. To begin the hike there is a hill that is .9m long. Along the hike there are a couple of other big hills that are about a half mile and another probably a mile. There is also an easier option to this trail and it can be done from 3 different starting points. As mapped it's 10.3 miles. If you follow the 1st posters directions it's about the same but if you open the gate he mentioned you can drive up the road and park and skip one of the hills and about 1.5 miles of the hike. You'll actually see a bathroom and a handicapped parking space up there. The only reason I didn't rate this 5 stars is you hike on way too many old logging roads instead of single tracks. This will be a hike I repeat many times...

Beautiful meandering trail through this Redwood grove. Absolutely spectacular at mid-morning as the sunlight is filtering through these majestic trees.