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9 days ago

This is an easy trail that was great for taking two wild lab puppies for some much needed exercise. Not much shade in large sections, so best on cooler days. Very dry and powdery dirt at the end of a long hot summer at the top of the loop. Nice views, but far from the beauty of the Preserve across the street. Mountain lion spotting while we were on the trail, so made me rethink carrying bear spray again. Actually, very few left in this area, but this one was young. Maybe repopulating.

Really nice hike on the Santa Rosa Plateau. We deviated from the shown route by taking the west loop out of parking and going the other way around the Adobe historic area...added about 0.3 miles to the trip. Make sure you bring water. The far route on the actual Punte Mesa trail was a dream...especially at 8am...so quiet and still shaded. Highly recommend...but not in the high heat.

It was ok. Not my type of hike. First time there is don't think I'll be going back.

1 month ago

This was a simple flat hike. There was not much of a challenge. I took my 6 year old son and he was able to keep up. We liked going on the little outlet trails along the way. We basically went on a nature walk and appreciated being outdoors together.

1 month ago

1 month ago


amazing trail..this is a must

2 months ago

Best hike in Murrieta

I live 15 minutes away from this hike. I hike it and run it regularly. The best part of the plateau is that there are many hikes short and long easy and moderately difficult making it very accessible for hikes of all ages and experience it. If you can make it to the adobes its worth it.
Bring water and sun block.

nice easy trail. if you hike the complete outside loop, its about 12 miles.

Very pretty trail. I highly recommend it. I went in the summer time (early morning) and it was pretty, but I think it would be spectacular in the spring. I'll be back.

a great trail for the kids ages 5-11 many shaded areas to stop for water or snacks. went to the pools. dried up. but still a fun adventure. no wildlife this time.

Great trail.

4 months ago

This area is a different type of landscape than the park across the street. It is low impact and easy. Not much challenge but I can get my heart rate up if I move through quickly. These trails are dog friendly and horse back friendly. Watch out for poops. Wide open spaces make for great emotion inducing feelings of freedom and and space. Leave the crowded, closed in city behind and hike these trails and you'll feel great. Be aware of mountain bikers ringing their bells to alert you. Be courteous and step aside so they can pass. Again, a $3.00 day use fee on the honor system. Parking is good.
Enjoy a local favorite.

My local favorite and steady "go to." I can get in a nice work out if I maintain a steady pace and seek out some inclines.
The scenery is beautiful and when I go it's not crowded. I love how quiet it is out there. It's therapy for me.
Love the old oaks, granite boulders, and tall yellow (dead) grass. The right combination of full sun and cool shade give this hike a nice perk.
Encountered a rattlesnake here once. I hate rattlesnakes.
There is a $3.00 day use fee on the honor system. The trails are well marked and maintained. The interactive center is nice for learning and cooling off. It gets real hot out on the trails, so plenty of water and sunscreen.
Only one part of the park is dog friendly so check first before venturing out. Bring your camera to capture some eye candy.