Very nice hike. Lots of aromatic pines. Beautiful park!

great walk...

Makes for a very well shaded trail in the shape of a U on the perimeter of Clark park. There really isn't a trail along Rosecrans avenue although one can make up their own trail. The "U" measures at ~1.6 miles. Hit it 5x, 8 mile run and done. Not bad especially for locals who can walk to the trail.

took my puppy and he loved the openness of the park and the dirt trail ! recommend it if you like dog walks or just looking for something new !

Come here often with my dogs, really nice trail, well maintained and nice scenery. The start is on the street side of the park- far east in the corner and up the stairs, but there are many other entry points.

easy n kids loved it

It is a flat trail with a little hump at the start....entrance to the start of the trail is across the baseball field. Good for an evening walk.

trail running
2 years ago

lovely park and hiking trail. A lots of area to picnic, BBQ or just sit and read a book. plenty of Tennis courts. hiking trails not crowd. Will use this trail for training.

Very cool park. Lots of BBQ and picnic areas. The trail has many access points. We started in the back and followed the trail upwards to the lookout over the baseball diamond. Slight incline but overall was easy. My 3 year old loved it. Dogs on a leash are allowed but no bicycles on the trails. Lots of shady spots throughout the trail. Nice pond in the middle of the park as well.

2 years ago

This is a cool little loop around the perimeter of a residential development in the West Coyote Hills area of Fullerton. It contains a modest incline and is good for mountain biking, running or walking the dog. The Castlewood Trail is also part of the much larger Fullerton Loop.

This is a short little trail around the perimeter of the Clark Regional Park. It's pretty run of the mill, but there are a few good vista points and it's a great place to take the dog to get some exercise.

Easy little hiking trail that is dog friendly. It's short but you could do it twice. I went on a monday afternoon and there was hardly anyone. Lots of bunnies and squirrels to see, good for kids. Parking fee if you park in the lot but if you pass the entrance and park right on the street, it's easy/free.


Short little hiking trail! If you're looking for a 1-2 hour hike I don't recommend this one although it's a nice trail if you're looking for a quick unwind. The great this about these trails is that they are shaded!!!

I love this trail, it short and if you take advantage of the trails you can make it more of a 2.0 miles of a hike. I try to go at least once a week for an outdoor workout. Very peaceful and there is usually always some on trail so it's safe to be alone. There are a few steep going up and going down parts of the trail that make a good workout.

Easy short hike. Mostly shaded and dig-friendly. Sometimes see bunnies in the spring.