670 acres of gently sloping to steep hillsides of cottonwood riparian, blue oak woodland, and chamise chaparral natural communities. Just a few of the species supported by these habitats include California towhee, Bullock's oriole, and black-headed grosbeak. Please see the attached bird checklist for additional bird species in the area. This area is just downstream of the Monticello dam, where Cold Creek enters Putah Creek, and includes Stebbins' Cold Canyon Reserve.

Today was a perfect day for this hike. We started out around 10:30 after the morning chill was gone and we completed it around 2:00. We took some good breaks to refuel and take in the scenery. This hiking trail was damaged severely last year by a fire. A lot of the trail has been washed away and the wooden steps that were burned, most have been replaced but not at their original intervals. With a lot of the brush gone, you get a lot more spectacular views. There is still a little bushwacking but not much. There is also some rock crawling in an attempt to get through the ridge of this trail. Other than that, be careful if the ground is wet, it is slippery in many areas on the south/east side of the trail. The trail is about 5+ miles now since they had to re-route it after the fire. This is a pretty nice hike. It is difficult but very rewarding. This is a no dogs trail but we saw almost as many dogs as people.

It was Fucking awesome mother fucker, but there was one weird dude

Great hike, challenging but worth the views. A little disappointed by the number of dogs on the trail considering the first posted rule was no dogs.

great fall hike. Lots of scrambling along the summits along the ridge. Definitely not an easy hike. Nice views at the summit though. Go early to avoid the crowds and heat.

great fall hike, not too hot. nice views at the summit. Not an easy hike though, lots of scrambling at the top along the ridge.

I love this hike. Great view at the top. Perfect length when doing the full loop. Waterfall during the rainy/wet season. Summer gets a bit hot and dry.
Medium crowds here, you will run into a lot of people. A bit of boulder climbing on the summit. I enjoy trail running here and power walking the intense incline areas.

Love this trail!!!! Definitely worth it when
U reach to the top:)

I live within 30 minutes of this trail and if you are looking for some good steep switchbacks take the blue ridge trail up and the homestead down. Great views of the lake and nice feeling of being surrounded by the mountains. Overall a great little work out. It isn't easy but it is definitely doable for anyone in decent shape. Great hike for those in Davis, Winters, Vacaville or Fairfield

I've hiked this trail twice. The first time was in the heat and it was unwise! The second time was in October and much better. There is no view until you reach the top, aside from that I wouldn't call it beautiful but at least you'd outside :)

A good section has steps so be ready for those. Pretty good climb but manageable.

The trail is much rougher since being reopened after the fires. Very dry, very hot, almost no shade. You need way more water than you think you'll need and the trail takes longer to hike than you'd expect. I'd rate it moderate to strenuous. Even the groups of twenty somethings were cursing this trail halfway through. There is also zero phone reception here. My girlfriend broke her leg here and I had to hike out, drive down the road to a pay phone to get help, and then she had to be airlifted out. The rescue crew said they have to airlift people out of there at least a couple times a month.

Great, difficult hike that definitely gets your heart pumping! Bring lots & lots of water and I'd recommend starting before 10am because It gets really hot and the sun begins to burn by 9:30am! So wear lots of sunblock and appropriate shoes!

Enjoyed the challenging hike and views. Will be back.

2 months ago

I've done this hike a couple of times and love it! Definitely a climb for most of the way up but the view of the lake is spectacular at the top! Well worth the strenuous hike.

Amazing work out. Difficult at some point. Take lots of water with you on the hot day.

This app said that this trail was dog friendly yet when I arrived there were signs that stated no dogs. I saw many people bringing dogs off the trail after completion and some just starting. So after making that drive, I just went for it with Kona on leash. The trail was not very maintained- constantly ducking underneath overhanging branches and scrapping my legs from over-grown shrubs. (Sounding a bit crybaby-ish right now, I'm aware) The top ridge climbing for me was a bit more difficult than moderate, and it was not great for a leashed dog. Views at top nice but overall experience not that great.

This is NOT a moderate hike...this is a difficult hike. A lot of climbing. My FitBit recorded 173 floors! And it's a bit closer to 5 miles, not 4.4. Take plenty of water and hiking shoes would be best.

3 months ago