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Very tough trail run. Most of the uphill was extremely steep, and so I had to hike a lot. But man, this is a gorgeous trail. Average trail runners should give themselves 2.5 hours to complete.

Great little hike! Definitely a workout with a view!

Awesome trail with breathtaking scenery. Go get lost in this amazing forest.

One of the best trails around. It's a bit hard and steep at some places. You will be able to see the Pacific Ocean at some points but the closeness to nature is what I like about this trail. There's no phone signal at most part of the trail but that's good.

Favorite local trail for trail running. Views on mountains, redwood forest, creek, wildlife and more!

on North Ridge Trail

1 month ago

My boyfriend, my brother and I all went when it was muddy and rainy which was an extra challenge. The trail itself is downhill at the beginning and then a lot of uphill. There is a dead end, so you'll have to do the trail all over again, but backward. I'm all about what will give me a good workout and this was GREAT for those who want to challenge themselves. There were people running and biking on the trail, which you'll have to keep watch of. I feel like it would have made the challenge much easier if it was not muddy. I thought the hike had pretty surroundings and I got a lot of great pictures.

Hope this helps!

This was the last training hike I took my friend Guy on before we went to Zion National Park. The top of Purisima Creek is pretty steep and the trails down are at times a very steep descent so it's a pretty good leg and knee workout and he passed the test and we went to Zion about a week later. I was blessed to live in the area for many years and for three, besides the beaches, Purisima was my go to for climbs, views and miles. The only downsides to this hike was doing Skyline (but Skyline is beautiful too) and missing that great single track in the middle of the park...

1 month ago

Not as pretty as most of the hikes in Purisima but a little challenging especially after a rain. It gets pretty slick and washes out a little. A very good training hill.

Nice uncrowded hike in Purisima Redwoods. It has some nice climbs and a variety of forest going from some open space through different types of trees and into and back out of the redwoods to return back to Tunitas creek Rd. The trails in this area are well constructed and make good year round hikes.

1 month ago

Good views and some nice little hills. When I lived in HMB Purisima was very close so I hiked it often. This trail is off on the southern edge and hardly has any redwoods the park is known for but very remote. It was remote enough I'd take my dog in with me and one day we were tracked by one of the locals, a mountain lion. The trail doesn't allow dogs but mine is a service dog. The only time I've ever seen him spooked and he's put in a lot of miles with me.

One of my favorite "the view is worth the hike" trails. It's moderately strenuous but the views are so worth it. In the fall, if you start off around 8:30/9 you'll spend more time in the shade on the ridge line.

2 months ago

2 months ago

Amazing redwood groves and really easy and relaxing hike.

Great 10 miler. Essentially a descent into a gully, so be prepared for lots of elevation drop on the way in (and the opposite on the way out)