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Nice uncrowded hike in Purisima Redwoods. It has some nice climbs and a variety of forest going from some open space through different types of trees and into and back out of the redwoods to return back to Tunitas creek Rd. The trails in this area are well constructed and make good year round hikes.

7 days ago

Good views and some nice little hills. When I lived in HMB Purisima was very close so I hiked it often. This trail is off on the southern edge and hardly has any redwoods the park is known for but very remote. It was remote enough I'd take my dog in with me and one day we were tracked by one of the locals, a mountain lion. The trail doesn't allow dogs but mine is a service dog. The only time I've ever seen him spooked and he's put in a lot of miles with me.

One of my favorite "the view is worth the hike" trails. It's moderately strenuous but the views are so worth it. In the fall, if you start off around 8:30/9 you'll spend more time in the shade on the ridge line.

Amazing redwood groves and really easy and relaxing hike.

Great 10 miler. Essentially a descent into a gully, so be prepared for lots of elevation drop on the way in (and the opposite on the way out)

This hike is beautiful with breathtaking views. The hard part is going downhill first which means the end is all uphill. For me I prefer going uphill first.

on Bald Knob Trail

1 month ago

I did this hike on a very hot day but most of it is shaded so it wasn't that bad. The first .5 miles of the trail is downhill so keep that in mind as you have to hike back up that at the very end. The Bald Knob trail is lovely and just beautiful. It's a relaxing gradual incline. I took the Irish Ridge trail that connects and that one is not so easy, Going down is a steep decline and you know what that means...tough work going back up. The view from this trail is the real reward. There isn't a parking lot so parking is limited along the side of the road. That was not a problem though since the trail was very secluded.

Prob not 5 stars but using rating system to balance out the "1 star" rating because the dude couldn't find the trail. It's pretty easy to find if you read ratings below.

I've done everything in the park many times. This trail is best done walking up the creek first and then down on the other trails. Make sure to have shoes that grip well. There are some easy places to lose footing no matter what time of the year.... Winter wet and summers hard pan with loose dirt.

Beautiful trails but there is no river.... A very small creek that is beautiful. The hike is pretty steep and at times has some beautiful ocean views from a distance and supports a little wildlife. One of the last times I was there I hiked up behind a bobcat that just totally ignored me and bounced off the trail. There is some nice elevation gains for a good burn. Maybe it should be rated a little tougher than moderate.

Awesome hike... very little traffic. Lived in the area for a few years and did it many times. Gorgeous redwoods and a few old growth left. Several "Rings of fire" groupings of trees in Purisima. Very nice elevation gain that I used to train to do the Grand Canyon and Zion. Always nice and cool but I wouldn't call Purisima Creek a river...

One of my favorite trails and loop. Good distance. Challenging. Good elevation drop/gain around. And, most of this loop is covered so not much sun.