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Absolutely gorgeous trail! The views were spectacular, including the banana slugs along the path. One note of caution: if you have injuries or limitations around inclines, coming up Harkins will be a challenge.

7 days ago

Great hike. Went after a week of heavy rain and wind storms and the trails were all in tact, with just a handful of muddy spots. Be prepared for temperature change - its hot in the sun when you're in higher elevation, and very cold in the gulch. Speaking of elevation change - woof. Be prepared for a serious workout! I'd put this at the tougher end of "moderate."

I would definetly recommend this hike. Its steep in places but the ocean view, the beautiful river, the fern covered canyons and the Redwood Trees make it all worth it.

Whittemore Gulch down was absolutely gorgeous with wonderful views of the bay, redwoods, and mountains. Saw tons of banana slugs, as well as some rabbits, birds, and squirrels. HOWEVER, took Hawkins Ridge back up was brutal, yet fun to complete and get through. Will be back.

I arrived around 3:00 in a almost full parking lot with my 3 kids named Bill, Meg,and John. Then we saw a sign about the trail. we got so excited that I almost peed in my pants! but after the trial we decided that it wasn't so good after all

Arrived to a near empty parking lot on a Tuesday in December at 10:30am. Steep descent into the gully, which is hard on my knees, but the redwoods were worth it. The Ocean views are pretty, but I would recommend this hike more for the moderate challenge and seclusion next to the bubbling creek among the giant Redwoods. By the time I left at 1:30pm, the parking lot was near full.

25 days ago

Great trail!! Just be prepared to do a lot of uphill hiking!

Beautiful hike. It's a bit of a climb back from the bottom, so take that into consideration.

Did this trail in December, temp varied from mid 30s to low 50s in different parts, depending on how shaded or exposed the trail was. I ran the first 3 miles, which was fun. Gorgeous views, amazing landscapes, and beautiful redwoods. A lot of this trail felt surreal from how quiet and closed off it was. The trail itself was very technical, and some parts got extremely cold. That last 1.5 mile of steep uphill was a really tough way to end such a long hike! My legs were dead when I got to my car :P

Tough uphill hike in the last couple of miles. Excellent for calorie burning. Saw wild rabbits and birds on the trail. Beautiful sunset view. Overall good trail.