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14 days ago

Beautiful view along the trail, uphill all the way getting back:)

An easy hike and lots of oppurtunity to go towards the bay or just enjoy the forest.

20 days ago

26 days ago

Started at Northridge and worked my way 3.3 miles down to Purisima Creek. The return journey is not for the beginner as there is roughly 3.8 miles of ascent. For beginners I recommend parking at Purisima Creek and exploring the beautiful redwood groves

28 days ago

A beautiful hike and it's my top favorite. You can enjoy the beautiful greens, redwood trees, the hills, and the scenery is just breathtaking in general!! It's great for hiking and can be a bit challenging on your way back. The beginning is easy because it's mostly downhill but once you turnaround, uphill! All the uphill walking is going to give you a good cardio workout. If you're too tired on your way back, you can take the left exit trail which takes you gradually back to the north ridge parking lot. If you want short distance and a challenge go straight onto those steep hills. I highly recommend to come see the sunset. I have twice. Just beautiful!

Beautiful redwoods, approachable slopes and an enjoyable loop. Purisima trail is a road, so it's wide, but much of the rest of the loop is single track.

Absolutely gorgeous trail! The views were spectacular, including the banana slugs along the path. One note of caution: if you have injuries or limitations around inclines, coming up Harkins will be a challenge.