Over the river and through the woods, Southern California style. 300 acres and 12 miles of trails. This has become my go to place to run and meditate. There has always been something about being in nature that grounds me like nothing else and research says that nature is proven to inspire creativity
I'm 57 and started running for the first time in my life, a few months ago, beginning with a gentle walk/run circuit. The trails are a combination of decomposed granite, gravel, and dirt, so between these soft surfaces and my HOKA trail running footwear, I have been successfully running since July without any knee problems.
I highly recommend this oasis of nature in OC. I was born in New York, and I consider this wildlife sanctuary to be the Irvine version of NYC's Central Park. Love it.
Do yourself a favor and explore this hidden gem.

Really nice once you get on the correct path. We didn't use the record on here so we started on the wrong road but eventually got to pond and water and beautiful. Tons of birds. Beautiful tress. A little close to construction but still really nice day in park.

Nice easy hike for everyone in the family, great place to view birds and flowers trees etc...etc...lady in the welcome center was wonderful and very knowledgeable, stop by and say hello!

Good hike. I recommend using the entrance off university and campus. The one alltrails leads you too has trails that are closed.

Amazing conditions for long hikes

Good for running. Well maintained paths and lots of options to mix up the route. Lots of construction around though.

Beautiful trail with lots of different options for exploring. Easy stroll or a nice and level run. Awesome for birding and photography. There's some construction which can make it kind of hard to find the trail head. But, parking was easy!

Nice oasis in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of Irvine. Want to explore more of the area, we didn't get the part where the water is off of campus so we will return soon!

Beautiful trail! Very green with nice side trails and shade. Mainly flat and easy hiking. Waterfall 3.8 miles in and great views.

1 year ago

If your a birder, this is the place for you ! Excellent birding year around.

Nice walking trail on a flat gravel path. No shade but very pretty pond areas and lots of aquatic and other bird watching. No dogs or bikes allowed.

A great nature trail right in the middle of the city. Lot of different paths so you can walk as short or as long as you want. Plenty of birds since this is a sanctuary. Another place I could walk daily if it was within walking from my house.