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The presidio was an army post for over 200 years. Today many tourists visit the military buildings to explore the architecture, national cometary, airfield, forests, or neighboring beaches. Just a quick walk from the Golden Gate Bridge it is a great addition to any day out in San Francisco.

Great views of the bridge!

Not much of a hike at all but all that running around on the beach will surely tucker you out! Dog friendly, friendly people, incredible views of the Golden Gate bridge. We even saw a school of dolphins swimming by!

Not really a 'hike' per se but should be on your list if you live in or near the Bay Area. I've gotten lucky sometimes and had fewer tourists on the bridge but also been so crowded I could barely manoeuvre through the selfie-taking hoard.

But press on: the crowd thins before the halfway point and it's an absolute dream walk looking out at the Pacific and back at the Bay.

FIVE stars for the history and views from the bridge. I was born nearby at Letterman Army hospital. I did this along with Angel Island one day a few years back with a friend and it was one of my favorite days in life. I also love to be at the helm of my boat on the way out under the Golden Gate Bridge. EPIC

super easy! the kids enjoyed it!

1 month ago

Beautiful trail! Some of the best views thus far of the Golden Gate Bridge. Husband who is a photographer was thrilled. A bit of an incline, my mom did okay but my dad needed to sit this one out.

Ive biked this and done the route 4x in a year. Its worth it.

Gorgeous views of the bay and very easy to do. Definitely worth it

Amazing views of the Bay area. We didn't walk the entire way. Very windy out in the open. Beautiful area!!