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Point Mugu State Park, located 15 miles south of Oxnard on Highway One in the Santa Monica Mountains, features five miles of ocean shoreline, with rocky bluffs, sandy beaches, sand dunes, rugged hills and uplands, two major river canyons and wide grassy valleys dotted with sycamores, oaks and a few native walnuts. There are more than 70 miles of hiking trails. The beach also features swimming, body surfing and surf fishing. The park includes the jagged pinnacles of the Boney Mountains State Wilderness Area. The Day Use Annual Pass is accepted at this park.

on Mugu Peak Trail

1 day ago

Amazing views, not too long and moderately steep. Dog friendly

2 days ago

Bitchin flag at the top. Only about a 1,200 foot elevation but steep incline! Like always, bring water!

mountain biking
3 days ago

Hard going up but after that beautiful views and speedy going down

One of my favorites! I take all of my friends and family who are visiting me in LA here for their first hike. It's a quick and easy trail with stunning views of the ocean. I highly recommend it! Can be a little tricky to find the trail head though... you'll need to venture through the camp ground after parking to reach a dirt road open to bikers and hikers. The trail itself begins not far from this entrance and cuts to the left off the dirt road.

The whole area is beautiful - and quite windy! This is the second time we camped and Thrornhill-Broome beach... and the second time we had the tents flatten on our faces during overnight winds.

I was originally going to do this hike until we saw the notice of the closed section. I'm attaching a photo of the posting. The section that is closed is from the trailhead left section to the first intersection with another trail - or on the AllTrails map which has you loop counterclockwise, basicly the 9 o'clock to 6 o'clock section is closed.

great hiking trail, I highly recommended a good pair of hiking shoe with traction and maybe hiking pole, and definitely a hydration pack to stay hydrated the hike is a challenge at times, but the view is definitely very rewarding.

This is a beautiful trail with a variety of terrain, including mountains, canyons, and ocean views. Take heed of the closure signs. It's no joke. Even the Ray Miller trail can loop around to the canyon trail and it's almost 7 miles where you will find yourself at a drop off that you will have to climb down or turn back.

17 days ago

This trail is fun and relatively easy. I went with a friend this morning (12/31/2016). We've just had a bunch of rain so everything was very wet still. But we were still able to complete the trail. It's a well marked trail with lots of little off shoots to explore. I highly recommend this hike if you are looking for something secluded and cool. Lots of trees to protect you from the sun on a hot day, but there are also high points with great views! I will definitely go again!

on Grotto Trail

18 days ago

This is an in - out trail. Mostly downhill on the way in so be prepared for a lot of uphill back out. Nice views along the way. Major rock slide at end of trail. I didn't enjoy the drive in to the trail head. Wondered if we would ever get there. Glad we went.

20 days ago

Tough start but beautiful views. Today was clear so you could see all of the islands. There is an old ammo can at the base of the flag pole full of notebooks you can sign or just read comments from others. It was very windy though at the top.

20 days ago

Hiking poles recommended
Shoes with traction recommended
Not great for running until after the initial ascent
Turn south (right turn if you enter from PCH) for a good ascent. However one way or another you are going to come down the steep vertical on the northwest side of Mugu Peak.
Stunning vista of La Jolla Valley when you crest the saddle south of the peak. Gets windy at the peak.

25 days ago

Great hike that will kick your butt at the start.at the fork (the loop) go right for a longer easier route, or go left to get the the point real quick (but you also climb straight up the dirt. We took the longer route and enjoyed it, but a storm was coming in which blocked our views for the second half. Lots of rocks and prickly pear cactus with a few birds here and there. Will definitely do it again in the early spring!

Great weekend exercising spot. The trail is not that long and dangerous. Great for family visit.

Love the trail thought it was a beautiful walk very nice hike