The purpose of Placerita Canyon State Park, in Los Angeles County, is to preserve and protect the site of the first discovery of gold in California, in 1842. Designated as a State Historic Landmark, the unit is situated in the transition zone between the San Gabrial Mountains and the Mojave Desert, and contains sandstone formations, seasonal streams and riparian oak woodlands, as well as stands of cottonwood and native sycamore trees. The unit's location provides significant linkages connecting the Angeles National Forest, the Santa Susana Mountains, the Simi Hills and the Santa Monica Mountains. The unit contains the remnants of an historic ranch. Park & Walker Ranch Trailhead Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

trail is closed

Trail is pretty mangled due to the recent fires. There was no waterfall and very little streams anywhere. There is still a lot of burnt trees and debris. Lots of dirt mixed ash on the ground. Still a great hike. Lots of rocks to climb over which was fun

A great day for a hike, though very hot at about 95 degrees, I started out at the Manzanita trail at Placerita Canyon Nature Center and climbed up to the shadeless firebreak and finally made it to the shady tree in the clearing by the road. I hung out at Wilson Saddle for a while before descending down the Northside of the Los Pinetos trail. A good descent, just a hint of sun, but unfortunately many of our friend the gnat swarmed in the forest. Down to Walker Ranch and across through the scenic canyon to the Nature Center was a nice easy warmdown, however it felt plodding after the intensity of the first two legs.

I would recommend doing the trail in this direction, though an earlier start would have been welcome, as the high noon sun will cook you on the firebreak. Bring a wide brim hat, shades, and a wet rag to cool off with if you do this during summer.

it was my first time here and it was amazing !
I just wish I knew which trail took you on top of the SCV.
Besides that it was a good hike !

Good hike, very nice gradual increase.

Best hike ever!!!

Well maintained trail. Awesome views of scv. Restroom at the top and area to have a nice lunch.

is good i liked

6 months ago

As advertised, nice, shady, moderate trail. the trail has mostly slight grades except for a few spots where you know you are climbing or descending, beautiful hike this time of year, even though you are close to a main road, this hike makes you forget that you are so close to the city. really the only thing to watch out for are the land mines people let their dogs leave on the trail. for as crowded as it was today the park should of had more maintenance people on duty, only to police up the trash people had left in a few places. the out houses (porta potties) I have to say were amazingly clean and supplied. we only used one of them but we were extremely pleased with it. overall, great day and great hike. being our first time there I did speak to an employee at the wild life center, very polite and helpful, he had a great personality. excellent choice of people to have working on such a crowded day. We will return to hike a different trail next time. very pleased.

This was a simple easy relaxed hike that involved a gently balancing act around some corners. This is perfect if you're just looking for an easy quick hike.

Definitely not an easy hike. Very rocky, hot, and the elevation can be intense at times. Worth it for the beautiful views, highly recommend! Bring plenty of water though!

Great views and nicely maintained trail.

CLOSED as of 11/20/2015

I started out on this trail but then went up Los Pinetos trail at the same park. Great hike and beautiful trail, not too difficult getting up there but it was long. I started out late and had to hurry down before sunset. I should have started earlier I realize, using this app it allowed me to see a fire break that was a short cut back but I don't recommend it. I made it back safe but it got a little treacherous coming down. It was a great adventure today.

I used to volunteer at placerita canyon so I would take this trail pretty regularly. It's a nice easy hike and is beautiful especially in the winter when the heat isn't crazy. Plus the nature center is really a cool space.