Great hike I suggest getting there early because it gets busy after 7am.

I was confused about where to start, then realized it is a loop, so it doesn't matter. Doh! Very nice trail, but I would label it closer to moderate because of the two kick butt hills. Beginners beware.

Its a good workout!

I loved this trail it was awesome!

mountain biking
1 month ago

Decent place for a ride, Too easy for a hike though...

Pretty nice workout and beautiful surroundings!

Nice trail, my first time here. It is painful to see the lake is dried and the vegetation is all so dead. I came by 8am, got to try earlier since it was already too hot to walk and the little bugs keeping flying around you.

It's a cool trail, but the lake bed is dried up so there's only really a bunch of dead stuff everywhere.

I love this trail, one of my favorites!

easy trail but sandy and dusty, not much shade ,bring enough water

I"m a new hiker and I enjoy the trails here great workout and beautiful views

Oh boy, great butt kicker hills on the ridge trail will get you in shape. Flatter trails along the dry lakebed trail. Lots and lots of people on the weekend. But a good workout for sure!