Bark Park consists of two enclosures where dogs are allowed off-leash: a .6 acre area for large dogs over 25 pounds, and a .3 acre area for small dogs under 25 pounds. The enclosures are surrounded by a six-foot high chain link fence with self-closing double gate entrances and exits to each area. The ground is covered with six-inches of wood fiber (similar to wooden chips that are used for playgrounds). Other site amenities include: ADA accessible drinking fountain with pet bowl Hose bibs for additional water access Trash receptacles Park benches ADA accessible walkway leading to trail Doggie walk waste bags in each enclosure for clean-up by pet owners (Plans call for benches to be added in the near future) Open -

3 days ago

good steep first mile. after that enjoyable

1 month ago

Nice Treck.

Great trail with steep inclines. Kid friendly with great views.

it was awsome really hard trail

2 months ago

Short but very steep. To get an idea, this trail offers 456/1.6 = 287 ft gain per mile. The San Jacinto hike gives you 4100/15 = 273 ft gain per mile. So technically this trail is steeper. Of the other difficult hikes, Half Dome and Whitney gives you >300 ft gain per mile.

2 months ago

Great workout trail. Short but steep. The stairs warm you up for the rest.

good excercise.

on Steep Canyon Trail

3 months ago

Good practice Trail.

Good work out.

5 months ago

The hike is nice, and has a great view of just diamond bar and a few of the surrounding cities from the top of the various hills. The trail is steep but it's completely manageable. Just beware of the snakes bc I could hear them!! It's really quick and easy and you could do multiple runs around the trail since it runs in a circle! Great for the booty.

Steep but very fun! The stairs warm you up.

quite easy

Love this trail! Short but steep!!!

I've been to this trail twice and I love it! It has lots of things to see, stairs, great incline, shaded areas and just overall great. It's also great for kids.

6 months ago

This was a great trail! Beautiful and definitely steep. It's short and sweet though, you can do it in less than an hour easy! I would've been pretty confused without this app though because there aren't really any clear signs leading you in a direction. Just use this app to guide you and you'll be fine!