Beautiful stroller-friendly, accessible trail. Dog friendly. Playgrounds, water fountains, garbage cans, shade, gardens, and a stream along parts of its stretch. Parking is free and abundant at the Murray Center. Great community trail!

Nice trail in the middle of Mission Viejo! Easily accessible and pretty. Well maintained

7 months ago

Nice trail, beautiful scenery and well maintenance! Good for walking and jogging.

Great trail with paved and unpaved portions. Great for dogs and kids.

Great! Make sure to stop and enjoy all the garden art.

Fairly easy hike, enjoyable, pretty, and easy to stay on track

The hike was really enjoyable and not too difficult! There are many different paths you can take, and no matter which one you take, you'll end up where you started so it's easy to stay on track! Really pretty views

I really enjoyed this hike! Very, very pretty area. Perfect for pretty much any age, dogs are allowed and bikes are fine as well. There are a few hills - but there's so much in the park to explore! Will definitely do this one again.

We started out in the parking lot of the senior center - easy, shaded parking. We walked NE on the trail following Jeronimo Rd on the left and Oso Creek on the right up to the "top" (~200ft gain) where you almost intersect Olympiad Rd. We made a loop back to our starting place by coming back down the hill on the other side of the creek where Oso Creek was on our right and homes were on our left. The trail is completely paved, wide and easy. The trail is dog friendly. There is one street crossing. About half the trail was in the morning sun and the other half was shaded - bring sunscreen and water.

mountain biking
2 years ago

Riding this trail the past two weekends getting my fiancee used to her new mountain bike. She calls it gear boot camp. The trail is mostly for walkers and people taking their dogs out for the day. If we weren't there for a purpose, I would avoid it in a bike.

The north/west side of this trail is dirt and rocky, so it's suitable for mountain biking/hiking, while the south/east side of this trail is paved, so it's more suitable for walking even with a stroller. I mostly use the paved path as a leisure walking path, as it is quiet and pleasant.

My 12 year old daughter and I rode our bikes this last weekend and enjoyed the scenery. It was easy enough for her and very well maintained. We will be back again.

This is a great family trail, very stroller friendly. There was one steep, muddy hill by the oak grove that I had a hard time pushing through, but on a dry day it would be no problem. It was just after some rains, so the creek was flowing nicely. The twins were excited to see a snowy egret that wasn't scared of them. The trail is pretty busy, but everybody seems friendly. There are benches all along the route, and the trail can be extended up to about six miles or so if you are so inclined.

Nice hike... really nicely maintained.