This is work. The geocaches and benchmarks and views are worth it, but it is work. The downhill parts beat up my knee and toes. It took over 9 hours round trip for our small group. It was worth it, and a reminder that I need to condition a bit to take on bigger hikes. I went for the summit and didn't go to the cliff on this one. Maybe next time.

Harder than I thought. You'll need plenty of hydration. I have almost 4 liters of water and on my back down it was already gone. Try to get there earlier. I start at 10 and ended at 4 pm.

Great climb ... lots of uphill and beautiful scenery. What goes up must come down. Not for a beginning hiker. Recommend you have some hiking under your belt. Loved it!!

Great hike for those looking for a challenge and multiple hours out on the trail. I completed it for the second time this past weekend and would highly recommend it for those training for a more challenging peak.

Make sure to have at least 3 liters of water and some food. Shoes with good traction are a must, as there are several steep inclines and declines. Trekking poles would probably be helpful coming down but I managed well without.

Happy hiking!

Hiked El Cap twice on 1-6-17 - back to back. Per my Garmin, 22.7 miles, 7800 feet of elevation gain, 9 1/2 hours. A great training hike for Whitney later this year! Trail was a bit muddy but not too bad. Fun stuff!

Got there early and knocked it out before noon. New PR on this one, under four hours. Lotsa people this time. I guess people are getting in shape for the new year? This one will definitely test your "resolution". Wah wah. Still love the views too.

did this hike yesterday. it's a great hike with challenging peaks and valleys.

Hiked this for the third time this year. 2 hours up and 2 hours down. Cold and a bit rainy. Trail was kinda washed out and very muddy - it had rained the day before. Great hike though. Will use this as a training hike for Whitney. In the spring, plan on climbing this twice (back to back) on the same day as a good training hike for Whitney (roughly equivalent to the total mileage and elevation gain of Whitney, but obviously not the high altitude).

Made this hike on December 1st. It is now the 6th and my calves and feet are still sore. I'm not the smallest of men. I stand just shy of 6'0 and weigh about 260 lbs. That said, I do know that for a tubby guy, my cardio is good. Had it been otherwise, I'd have never made it....and I surely wouldn't have made it in the summer heat. This hike absolutely tested my mettle. I wish I would have studied the comments more in depth prior to going because as I have come to find, I stopped my trek short of the peak. I lost the trail in the brush on the last saddle, took pics of the view (which was still phenomenal), lied down on a big flat rock to recover for a bit and then headed back. It hurt me. I can't lie...but I can't accept not having made it all the way to the peak so FML right now....I gotta go back. ;) Pack that water, hit it a couple days after a fall or winter rain if you can and physically prepare yourself if you aren't hiking at an advanced level. The downhill, depending on your state of being, can be absolutely brutal on the thighs during your return.

What a great workout. Fall is a much better time to hike this one.

I like the new maintained trail

real life hike here. minimum a gallon of water.

Got the summit and the Capitan this time. Got pretty hot so remember to bring water. This is definitely a for real hike.

Bring lots of water! Amazing eagle's nest view makes this difficult hike worth the climb

Bring lots of water! This trail is super difficult but worth the trek! Did it 10/20/16, got a late start 1145a 95 degrees! Got to mile 3 started to get calf cramp, decided to suck it up. Had to reach the peak! Just past mile 3 there is a sign warning not to continue if it is past 1:30 pm as the trail & parking lot closes at 6:30pm sharp. I was there at 1:00 pm and decided to continue on. At mile 5, the trail is very confusing, hard to make out which way to go to the peak. At this point you are climbing rocks and walking through knee high brush. 1/2 mile took me 30 minutes and once at the top the calf cramp was unbearable! Thought I should call 911, instead decided to suck it up and limp my way back. At the 4 miles to the parking lot my right leg started to cramp and I ran out of water (A CAMEL PACK ALONE IS NOT ENOUGH). Now I'm face with one leg hurting when climbing and the other hurting on down hills. At mile 3, getting dehydrated and thinking I'm not going to make it, on the verge of calling 911! Suck it up is all I could say to myself and thinking of the show I shouldn't be alive! The last two miles I basically was in a daze, thirsty in pain but had to get out!

Great hike, not for the faint of heart, not for beginners! Be in excellent physical shape! Be hydrated before you go, take lots of water and sunscreen as there is hardly any shade.

Would love to do it again but not alone. HMU if you want company on this hike! Marco 760-486-5389.

Steep hike. The climbs are steep enough that coming down is delicate regardless of how sure-footed you are. Two false peaks will try to drain your resolve. Half mile to the summit is a bit of a bushwhack. Cliffs are another mile+ past the fork at the saddle before the summit. ATT LTE nearly the whole hike. Great to be away from crowds of hikers though. Budget 5 hours at least to hike the trail. Gate closed at 630pm on Sunday in October.

Did this hike today....would recommend to start as early as possible... if doing the hole hike we started at 5:30 am. but for sure next time at 4 am to not catch sun alot.. oh bring lots of water .... awesome hike and amazing views :).