I must be an idiot because this was confusing as heck. Couldn't find the beginning of this trail from Cherry Canyon Motorway so I drove to Woodfield Road and started from there. That stroll was pretty interesting. You go under the 210 and then out of a tunnel. Then it's like, what? Where do you go? So I walk around to try and figure it out. There's a tunnel to your right on the other side of the Devils Dam sign. Go through there and then walk down and past the swings and you're there.

Wouldn't necessarily call this a hike, but was really interesting.

My 4 kids and I went up with our mountain bikes and had a blast. Definitely loved the terrain. Water streams strong and high thanks to all the rain. So be ready to get wet and push through.

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WARNING: someone broke into my car and another hiker's car at the parking lot just south of Ventura on Windsor. The break-in occurred between 4pm and 8pm on Sept. 17. There are apparently a lot of break-ins at the lot, so make sure to hide your valuables if you park there.

As for the trail, it was an enjoyable and moderately challenging hike (I went counterclockwise). There's shade in some parts but in other areas there's direct sun. I can imagine it getting extremely hot during the day during the summer months. Also, be on the lookout for mountain bikers (the trail is full of them).

Next time I plan on making the trek all the up way to Brown Mountain.

Nice trail and great views.