very nice easy access if you want a steady brisk hike we took the whole family on new years day and the kids definitely enjoyed it ! great for nature photography with beautiful scenery!

I love this place, it's all very easy, kid friendly. A great place to have a nice peaceful walk. Lots of shade so that's a plus as well. Overall great place, the nature center is pretty cool as well.

Awesome trail! Took my kids it was super easy..lots of shade and lots to explore!

very good place.

It was a beautiful day lots of shade and plants.

It was beautiful. Lots of vegetation, shade and a great work out. loved it and will definitely will go back.

No dogs allowed.

1 year ago

I wanted to take my kids on a nice little hike and found this gem. It's a great place for children and has lots of shade. We did the whole loop trail I believe was called stream trail and blue bird, it was the whole loop. The kids got tired butane it to the end and there was a nice little stream and animal statutes.

Really nice manicured trails, very naturey, if that's even a word. Went at 7am, this summer season just happened to be very humid, with the stream there were a lot of mosquitoes and flies, that kept swarming around us. When we got out of the trees and on road runner trail it was nice. All the trails just kinda of run into each other.

Great trail especially with kids. Well shaded.

I loved this hike. It's a beautiful scenery as you hike a long the way. It was all about nature but also has a guided path. I didn't use a map or anything and enjoyed finding my own way.

It was very easy! Plenty of shade. There's a map available which you should get! (Donations for map)

This is a very family friendly trail.
There are many different paths to explore, especially with young children or if you just want to spend some time relaxing with a friend. Spend as much time as you want exploring all the short trials.

Take the Roadrunner Trail if you want a bit more of a challenge (and the longest walk) as it will give you the best views from higher up. At the top of Roadrunner you will see a path that leads to the reservoir loop. We used this to go jogging (1.7 miles) before retuning to the rest of the nature walk.

Stick to the lower creekside trails for shade and kids. No pets allowed. Kids will enjoy the Nature Center, which is like a miniature natural history exhibit with a few interactive activities. Great for Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts to conduct troop activities.

3 years ago

I'm new to nature trail walking and this one is a great starter for me. Close to my home. Will go again.