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Fun and places with shade.

Great hike with intermittent inclines giving us an overall great workout. Will definitely go again but on a cooler days as there is no shade and temps in high 80's today.

on Whiting Ranch Trail

27 days ago

I cant believe people call this a trail. its a gravel dirt rd with people flying past you. your eating dust the whole time. I dont even want to give it 1 star. they took the photo from CO or something because this is not what it looks like.

it was a great hike

This was a great hike! It's a moderate trail as the inclines can be a bit challenging but there are beautiful views of saddleback mountain and the city. Love it.

Couldn't go all the way since it was closed due to recently fire.

pretty fun, worth the uphill up mustard

3 months ago

Its an easy hike if you just go for the red rock trail. That's where you see all those Arizona type stone hills.
once you finish red rock and come back to the fork on the road, go take billy goat hike all th eway to four square,. That is some what challenging and a great workout.

it's ok, easy hike

Easy and fun

4 months ago

Had an easy time of this trail until we decided to go up dreaded hill. We didn't bring enough water and my hiking companion had to turn around and go back. I enjoyed the climb but without enough water and no shade of any kind, the heat got to us. Next time twice the water and only in the morning.

Did this hike yesterday (plus I added a hike up Red Rock Canyon Trail and Vista Outlook Trail). It was great! Challenging moments but plenty of gentle breaks. I started up the Sorreno Road and came back the Borrego Trail.

4 months ago

I didnt find it hard. There are lots of bikers on the straight bike trail. At the end of that trail you follow red rock trail.

4 months ago

The biggest problem with this hike was the constant dirt, dust, and debris we had to breath in due to sharing the dirt path with vehicles. Also, we went during the first weekend of July and were caught by a storm of mosquitos and gnats from the dried up river. Although we couldn't find restrooms, I rated this hike four stars because parking was free and there was a flying school you could watch as you hike down the road. Furthermore, the scenery was very picturesque and beautiful.