Beautiful hike with a challenging but manageable incline. We went after it rained and the scenery couldn't be more gorgeous. I highly recommend wearing hiking boots with good traction and bringing walking sticks! I fell in the mud a few times as the ground was very slippery. Can't wait to go back for more!

good moderate hike. the hills make it a workout

I took this hike today, as an early evening hike, my first time up it. The climb is a steady wind up around the switchbacks, a constant incline of varying steepness, on a comfortably wide dirt walk, with a steeper, yet much shorter option, cutting through it. The workout is great either way, the easiest path being for all skill levels and anyone whose knees could handle it. It continues a little further once you hit the peak, Mission Point, following a gas companies fence. Theres an out cropping of paths to take, including connection to O'Melveny park, though this peak is much higher.

A bench is located in a nice spot shaded with trees, a rare respite from the sunlight if hiking earlier in the day, it was near dark during my visit. To my surprise, there was a seemingly crazy possibly homeless man talking to himself while camped at the bench, eating a melon and rambling. I also encountered fours others on this trail, all apparently normal people just there for recreation. A man was biking it and that looked tough and fun, yet doable, so I could recommend that activity for this trail as well.

Parking is available at the end on the street in a cul-de-sac, and there is immediate access to the trail there.

One of the most satisfying and beautiful views ever!

I like this trail because it gives a good view of the valley. you can either choose hard way up, easy way down. or easy way up hard way down. but it's doable for beginners as well.