Love this trail I went up the grotto side good work out !

good hike. took the grotto hill up

Paved with a great view.. the incline is the best!

The hike was great! Grotto trail OMG ! Must have walking sticks. Oh one more thing don't dance on your way down or you will end up with a twisted ankle like me

love this place it's so beautiful especially when it rains or its cloudy.

Nice city skyline views. Steeper than you think. Bring a stick

This was good! Challenging and local. I'll try to go a little earlier in the day next time to avoid the blazing midday sun.

That is a tough hike. Counter clockwise is definetely the way to go. Don't count on any shade! challenging hike.

Almost made it to top but ran out if time. it was taking me longer to get to the top because of the constant uphill which I enjoyed but had to stop frequently since it was warm and there wasn't much shade but will do the trip again because I want to get to the top!

This trail is nothing but "moderate" it is hard!!! Beautiful but hard.
We suggest do the loop counter-clock-wise, so the climb is easier and gradual.
Start the day as early as you can when it it still cool. We did it in late August, started at 7am, by 9 we were really hot. The whole trail took us 3.5 hrs walk, with some breaks and many water stops.
Obviously water, hats, good walking shoes are a must. Walking polls can really help too especially on the steep portions of the trail - and there are many...
There are many short cuts along this trail, we suggest not to take them. Stay on the main trail as Snakes are abundant in the summer, especially rattle snakes.
All in all this was a very good experience, and the view is breathtaking, especially from the look out point all the way to the top. Don't miss it.

Went up 16/August/16 and loved it. We saw a coyote on our way down, pretty close to the end. We also took the harder route, which is no joke. You can get all the exercise you can handle on this trail. Good times, great valley views.

Pretty sunny and open, definitely bring a hat, sunscreen and plenty of water. ;)

Excellent cardio!!

Grotto trail never disappoints

hike up run down!

nice steep climb, but an easy trail. dont recommend it for first timers of in the summer on a hot day.

4 months ago

Summertime start early has no shade great views of SFV good cardio

Great Hike Up To The Bench,, I love this place :)

Good hiking trail. Basic hiking gear is helpful (shoes, socks, hat and stick) as the ascent is a bit of a challenge as well as the decent. Overall, good views and not too crowded.