great little hike.

My driver side passenger window was SMASHED and my purse was STOLEN!

2 months ago

Main gate and parking open Sunrise to Sunset. Arroyo Pescadero Trail is 1.8 miles, you can easily add in the deer loop for an additional .8 miles and get in a nice hike. Basic southern California landscape. (Dry). Nice elevation changes and many places to rest for us old timers. Off to the west, at the higher elevations you can see the buildings in downtown LA,

Lovely views, good terrain, quiet.

This is a fun little hike up off of Colima. It takes you through a tunnel that goes under Colima and there's some really nice scenery on the trail. Saw a few jack rabbits and plenty of birds, definitely a nice nature walk. Some mild inclines but definitely suitable for beginners. Would hike it again for sure.

Easy trail. Didn't see as much dog or horse poop as some of the other reviewers, I thought it was fine. This is an easy hike for beginners. Not many inclines at all but the trail has some nice scenery

7 months ago

Haven't done this trail yet, but noted that the trail is marked no dogs. They are not allowed due to habitat restoration.

I like this trail. Nice morning shade with tranquil scenery. Not too rigorous for beginners but a nice up and downhill hiking.

9 months ago

Nice peaceful trail, only saw two other groups in the two hours we were there. Only a few shady spots but enough to stop for lunch.

10 months ago

Love it

Overall this trail wasn't bad I went to get out the house and take some pictures I wouldn't recommend this trail only because the parking and location it isn't bad but one week after buying my jeep I took it there and parked it about 45 minutes later I can back to find my passenger window broken with glass everywhere at least keep that in mind they didn't steal a whole lot but now I had to buy a new window just not the best location parking is hidden from the street.

First time on this trail and it was easy to find. Large wide path so you don't feel cramped when other people are around. You can choose to go up a steep hill or a medium hill. Didn't see any animals and there is no water. Not much shade either so I can imagine summer days can get really hot. Easy for our dogs to do al well.

1 year ago

Nice and fresh. Good workout!

1 year ago

Short, good hike. Trail was peaceful, not too many people even on a Saturday morning. So close to Whittier, it's great.

Went on the trail around 6pm and did not see anyone on the trail, took my time taking pictures and I got back at sunset, 730pm.

Great quiet trail!

Safe and easy.
Took my three kids there.
Not much shade and usually a dry heat in the area.
Feces from horses and maybe dogs present enough to make it memorable.

1 year ago

Two separate trails on this.. Either you have one to the left which is the easier and the shorter trail which includes a deer loop trail which occasionally you'll see wildlife from deer, coyotes, rabbits and rattlesnakes depending on the time of day. And then there's the longer trail which connects to the smaller trail. Unfortunately as in all trails that allow dogs, people don't think it's necessary to pick up their poop so you'll see it a lot on these paths. This is the more popular trail so you'll see way more people and groups so be wary of parking bc it will get full.

trail running
1 year ago

A very good set of trails that has three paths. The short ones allow for dogs but it seems most owners (esp small dogs) don't pick up the poop and you'll see it a lot on those trails unfortunately. The trail to the right (no dogs) that crosses over Colima I would say is more intermediate with the inclines in elevation and wildlife but seems less as populated than the shorter trails. Parking is small and can get packed quick depending on the time of day but you can park across by the baseball field or church as mentioned. Overall it's a decent trail and I will be back more often.