Loved it. So beautiful. Not bad at all for First Timers...

Fun family friendly trail

I went during the summer of 2016 with my dog, it was a nice view only thing they need to add is water fountains just incase you run out of water from your bottles.. good hike

I personally, am not a fan of paved hikes but this one isn't bad if you want a great uphill quick workout with some sweet views. Went here for Easter Sunday one year and it was awesome. I highly recommend that experience if you're available to do so.

I love this simple hike! It's great to go with kids or a friend you just want to shoot the breeze with! On a clear day you have amazing views in every direction. There are some nice precipices where you can be alone and think or pray.

We hiked a path straight up the mountain, rather than the paved trail... it made the hike a lot more interesting for myself and the kids... Great place to take your kids.

Nice short hike with a great panoramic view of Riverside

Nice view atop.

full of fun hike


This is a beautifu spot to hike with your dog, but...

My Rottweiler and I went around dusk today (approx 4:15) and spent an hour poking around the trail. Near the end of our hike though, we spotted a coyote about 200 feet away! It was a majestic sight, but a little scary. Luckily, the coyote didn't see us! Just a heads up to anyone with a small dog. Pretty spot tho!

I have only climbed this 3 times. personally for me it's challenging every time. it's worth the beautiful view at the very top especially at sunset.

1 month ago

a bit difficult but amazing

It's an ok walk if it's not crowded. Way too many crying kids during the evenings.

2 months ago

awesome sauce

amazing view

I love it here, I come here every so often with my children and we always have a great time. perfect for the whole family