This is a beautifu spot to hike with your dog, but...

My Rottweiler and I went around dusk today (approx 4:15) and spent an hour poking around the trail. Near the end of our hike though, we spotted a coyote about 200 feet away! It was a majestic sight, but a little scary. Luckily, the coyote didn't see us! Just a heads up to anyone with a small dog. Pretty spot tho!

I have only climbed this 3 times. personally for me it's challenging every time. it's worth the beautiful view at the very top especially at sunset.

19 days ago

a bit difficult but amazing

It's an ok walk if it's not crowded. Way too many crying kids during the evenings.

awesome sauce

amazing view

I love it here, I come here every so often with my children and we always have a great time. perfect for the whole family


love this hike. nice tranquile walk

Awesome, great views of jurupa valley..


This is not a real hike! This a great place for a walk, run and even strollers but definitely don't count this as a hike.

It's good exercise. View is great all around.. but anyone who calls a walk on pavement a hike, doesn't get out of the park a lot. The actual hiking is done on the many dirt trails that go up the sides.. nw corner being the best. Has great local rock climbing spots too.. middle of summer- morning hike is best or early evening. Note- there is very very limited parking within 2 blocks radius.

not a hike..more like a walk....

i love this hike its beautiful and fun to do as family hike

Enjoyable small hike. Great scenery for photos.

on Mount Rubidoux Trail

2 months ago

Beautiful scenery and very good work out.

Nice view especially during sunset and great for biking or jogging. Lot of people on weekends so if you don't like crowds stay away and come during week.