This is a nice and easy hike. Great for everyone including kids and it's dog friendly. I must say the views are amazing especially right now since everyone is green!

Nice hike
My 4year old did get tired had to take break went on hot afternoon would like to do it again late at night and early in am smooth road not a lot of rocks took a short cut to get to top faster lol

trail running
8 days ago

It is truly amazing at night! The incline is great for a workout and even better if you run ;)

Very easy and paved the entire way. Saw a lot of families doing it.

great place to take kids

Loved this urban hike, nice paved road for easy stroller usage! It has benches along the way making it kid friendly as well! We will be doing this hike again with our Granddaughter (17mo old). Lots of people for a Wed, but if I lived near this route I would be up and down it several times a week. It is dog friendly, and has a poop bag station at the bottom of the trail and top, with trash cans to dispose of the poop...PLEASE TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS FEATURE!!!! There was so much dog poop along the trail it stunk all the way up, and I was constantly dodging poop bombs.

17 days ago