Great quick hike with awesome views. Did this hike on a rainy day (which made for even better views... Crazy clouds!) but I imagine it might be too crowded on a nice day.

Great quick hike with awesome views. Did this hike on a rainy day (which made the views even more interesting... Crazy clouds!) seems like it might be too crowded on a nice day.

Sunday Nov 27 2016 started hiking towards echo mountain at 7:15 am it was raining and cold wind but worth it made it to the top at 8:25 am and it was really bone chilling was at 41 degrees Fahrenheit .I spended 15min on the top and,had no choice to head back my hands were numb but like I said it was worth it i'll be back again and again and beyond to inspiration point....

It is a beautiful place.. but just be a little careful if you are afraid of heights

Good incline. Moderate. 90% no shade. Best to hike in the early AM. Amazing views at the top especially at nite.

Awesome! Steep inclines!

somewhat intense, but the view is amazing. Bring plenty of water and snacks.

Great hike if it's not hot out. I caught a mild cloudy day and was really delighted by the views!

Is a easy hike.. the only problem is that when we were about a mile away to get to the inspirational point right by the creek there was a wild cat I'm thinking it was a bob cat n it got on attack position when it saw us n decided to go back since after echo mountain to the inspirational point trail there was no one else but us two...but hopefully we make it next time... has anyone seen any wild danger animals in this area?

Nice hiking every Sunday morning

Came early on a week day and there were only a few other people, which was great because it is indeed a narrow trail. Dogs loved it!

1 month ago

Pretty moderate hike. Great for dogs and kids. Many picnic tables and cool historic stuff on the top

Great hike. However i took the Castle Canyon trail to Inspiration Point once i reached Echo Mountain and looped around the middle Sam Merrill trail (Sunset trail) on the way back. 10 mile hike overall roundtrip.

trail running
1 month ago

Love this trail to train on. Gets me in running shape quickly! Definitely a good elevation gain in 2.7 miles (rt is just shy of 6). I'm up and back down in about 75-85 minutes. Go early or late since this trail has very little shade. If there's a full moon out, there will be plenty of people on the trail even at night! Love it!

Great views! Get there early, the heat, and people.. It can get busy with people.