Nice uphill trail

Great moderate hike full of history! Very popular trail, so get there early. And pay attention to the street signs! There are a few "No Parking Anytime" spots and I always see cars with citations parked in them.
Bring a lunch and enjoy the ruins of what once was an LA getaway. Or, extend your hike up to Inspiration Point making this a double digit hike!

It's a neat trail, decent view of the city and DTLA. Constant climb to the top, easy downhill on the way back. Deff a moderate-difficulty trail. Was pretty, but just not nature-y enough for me personally. I prefer Eaton Canyon any day.

Sooooooo many people 8am Sunday morning. Was constantly dodging and weaving.. also is a very narrow trail. Barely wide enough for me and my dog which made constantly having to pass people frustrating... I'm sure there's a better time to visit. There was a neat little look-out point with old railroad gear and stuff at the top. Historical spot.

Narrow, extremely busy. Uphill climb, downhill descent. Worth doing once. Neat views of the Valley and DTLA in the distance.

Very nice hike. Well traveled and doable for the beginner hiker. Cool historical stuff to see at the top so it's fun. Saw lots of people with dogs and kids. Views were great. Fun hike.

Night hike, spectacular view!