Question: Before you get to the staging area for Mount Gower, there is a parking lot on the right of Gunn Stage Road outside of the gate. Does this access a trail that leads to the summit?

20 days ago

I feel like this should be rated hard. At least the trail goes up and down so you can recover after some climbs. Loved the scenery close to the top, with some running water after the rains.

Great... know this mountain like the back of my hand !

I would actually rate this hike as hard. It's pretty challenging as there are ups and downs both ways. I enjoyed the rock formations on this hike.

love this place!! 3 hikes to do. from the main staging area facing sign hike to left is just under 5 miles and hike/running takes about 1 hour. Hike to the right and up right again at boulders is under 3 and hike/running is about 40 minutes. Hike to the top is under 8 and takes about 3.5 hrs hike/running. Must bring lots of water to top when hot!! Beautiful!!! love it. If you love getting out away from everyone then try this place.

Did this hike during a heatwave. I think it was 80 degrees by 730 a.m. Definitely get out early for this one if you are going for the Gower summit. There is very little shade. Water...whole lot of water. Poles are good. This hike is tough.

Beautiful hike but I would rate it as challenging/difficult. To get to the top there isn't a super clear trail, we just followed a wash that may have been there due to all the rain we've been getting. I consider myself a novice hiker in good hiking shape, but it is possible to get lost so keep track of your surroundings! Overall a great day hike :)

Really fun but no rivers or streams. Lots of rocks and uphill climbing

We cut a little off the trail at the beginning by going over the hill and joining the trail at tee-pee rock after that we stay on the trail to the top. The view at the top was spectacular, you get a 360 of the whole valley. Take plenty of water and a trail snack to get your energy back. Very tired on last hill coming out. Total for doing it this way was just over 7 miles and about 4 hours.

10 months ago

Saturday, April 2, 2016 I wanted to explore new hiking terrains so friend mentioned Mt. Gower's Peak. I really enjoyed the long distance 8.82 round-trip mileage my GPS64 registered which included the viewpoint to the right of Tee-Pee Boulders! After a short stint to the viewpoint, you will saddleback then steep hike towards the water tower. From here, you'll discover 3 peaks, each ascending after the next before trekking Mt. Gower which is a challenge in itself. Reaching the peak, you encounter 3 huge boulders that look like the famous Stonehedge and minutes later a Flintstone like table-rock. From this point it is pretty much all a steep hike/climb to the peak! Relaxing at the summit & the view is well-worth the hike! Bring lots of water and munchies because the trek back to the trailhead is exhausting!

1 year ago

Super difficult! Need lots of water. We summited which requires some rock climbing. Great views. Not for the uninitiated!

Fantastic hike, just harder than u thought. Definitely need to bring more water than you think. We found it harder on the way back than way up. Trail is very easy to follow even though some say it's not. Walking sticks really do help and don't attempt to do this in middle of summer, way to exhausting.

Hiked this with a buddy of mine and had an awesome time. Trail doesnt take you to the top of Gower so need to do a little trail blazing. bring lots of water if you do this in the summer.