At 938 feet, Mt. Davidson is the highest point in San Francisco. Its most noticeable feature, aside from its height, is the 103-foot concrete cross at its peak. Seen from above, there is a clear division between the mountain’s eucalyptus forest on the west and coastal scrub and grassland on the east. Mt. Davidson has significant natural and recreational resources. The diversity of vegetation provides habitat for a wide range of migratory and resident birds, including 18 locally sensitive species. Myriad trails traverse the western slopes, where the densely overgrown vegetation and fog drip give a hiker the feeling of being in a rainforest.

6 months ago

Beautiful views of the Bay Area

Quite steep but short. The fog and cross made it a holy mystery place. A good up view of the city

Nothing can beat the highest peak of San Francisco :) Both me and my dog loved it!

Beautiful views!!

11 months ago

Wonderful view of the city .. Easy trails

Beautiful. Can't beat the views of the Pacific Ocean in between groups of Eucalyptus trees

Great views of the city. Easy parking. Giant concrete cross 150 to 200 feet tall maybe?This is in my neighborhood and I like to visit regularly.

5 years ago

We started from the stairs on Juanita Way. The trail switchbacks up the north / east side of the hill, and eventually joins the access road about 100 ft below the summit. It'sa nice shaded walk through a fairly thick "urban forest". Once on top you have the Mt Davidson Cross and a bit to the south a nice open patch with a South / East exposure providing great views of the city with some wildflowers and butterflies. Usage by hikers is moderate, and usage by mountain bikers is almost non-existent (despite what it says here. You wanna see bikes? go to Crissy Field or GG Park on a Sunday). All in all a nice Urban escape.