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Morro Bay State Park looks out over the bay to wind-sculpted sand dunes. Guarding the harbor entrance of the central coast’s Morro Bay, Morro Rock has been a landmark for mariners over the centuries. The park features lagoon and natural bay habitat. The bay's most prominent landmark is Morro Rock. The park has opportunities for sailing, fishing, hiking, and bird watching. The park museum has exhibits that cover natural features and cultural history, Native American life, geology, and oceanography. The park also has a colorful marina and an 18-hole public golf course. On the bay's northeast edge is a pristine saltwater marsh that supports a thriving bird population. Morro Bay has moderate weather. During summer days the area is 30 degrees cooler than inland areas. Dress in layers, especially at the ocean. As the water here is cooler than in Southern California, surfers generally wear wetsuits. Dogs are not permitted on trails or beaches.

9 days ago

Great challenge in little time due to steep trails. Spectacular vitof the bird estuary and bay.

Great walk. Our favorite place to see the sunset while hearing the waves splashing against the rocks. I also dropped my new phone in there, never found it :( so if you climb on top of the rocks, hold on to your stuff.

1 month ago

Easy hike and awesome views!!!

just had some trouble near the top.

2 months ago

Our first time at Morro Bay. Living in the flatlands of Oklahoma this was a great short hike. Love the eucalyptus and scenery. There were very few people on the trail. It would be nice for dog owners to pick up after their dogs however.

Good hard climbed

Great trail. We brought our kids, 9 and 11.

It's easy, and great for hiking with dogs (small ones in my case). I usually park all the way up past the golf course. I've been here many times and have never seen (or felt) any mosquito. Not sure if the person below was closer to the golf course, where there may be water spots because of the extensive watering, promoting mosquito reproduction.

This was our first hike and was the perfect start to what we hope to be a lifelong love. The hike was beautiful and was appropriately labeled as easy. Some parts were very steep, but overall it was not too difficult. Bring in a shady, humid area, it did have quite a few mosquitos so bring your repels t.

3 months ago

This is really more of a stroll than a hike, but the views are amazing. Great views of the bay, the estuary, and Morro Rock. The boardwalk makes this walk quite accessible, we passed someone in a motorized wheelchair, so I'm sure strollers would have no problem. There are only a few parking spots at the trailhead, but there is street parking.

3 months ago

SWARMED BY MOSQUITOES!!! We hiked from the upper trailhead, so we were only on the trail for about 20 minutes, and I got at least a dozen bites. My friend was wearing DEET bug spray and she still got bit. The view at the top of the hill was spectacular, but we didn't linger, we rushed back down the hill and drove to a drug store to buy anti-itch cream. I would recommend this hike because the view of Morro Rock, the bay, and the estuary are amazing, but don't go mid-afternoon in August unless you love mosquitoes.

Great day hike, awesome views

This was a nice little walk to take my three-year old on. It's a very easy walk on a boardwalk, but the plants are interesting to look at, and there is a cool little grove of trees hidden about halfway through, with a bench in the shade. I wouldn't take this hike for exercise, but for a nice walk or if you have kids, it's perfect.

4 months ago

This was an awesome trail. I took my three girls with me 5,3,and almost 2. They did great for their ages... There are some pretty steep parts that were a little interesting getting them up and down but we had a great time, took us about 2.5 hours round trip. I'm sure if you do this with older kids or just adults it would probably cut that time significantly. We had a great time :)

I ended up taking my 2 year old son with me on this hike, so I was limited on where I could go, but still made it to the Quarry. The inclines aren't too terribly difficult, so long as you aren't trying to climb the nearby mountainside. The views of the Estuary were pretty and the fog ended up creeping when I made my way back. Definitely going solo next time and bringing my downhill mountain bike.

5 months ago

5 months ago

Really nice. Pretty. Only a couple steep spots but nothing my grandmother couldn't do. Make it to the top it's worth it

Not a bad hike. Being an avid Az hiker, this hike took me out of my element a bit, but back to my east coast roots as well. Been used to dirt and cactus, and this hike had more green plants. I wish I would've seen some mention of the possibility of Mountain Lions on this hike, on this site, as I may not have done the hike alone. Luckily there is information about them at the trailhead. I was paying more attention to snakes, but I don't feel like there's a high chance of coming across them on this hike. Enjoy the hike, just be safe while doing so.

6 months ago

We are camping in the State Park for 5 days, this was a great hike right out of our front door. Took our dog and 9 year old, it is a great hike through the trees and up to an amazing view.