Nice hike post turkey coma. Clear marked and great views of SF the day we went

First hike since we moved here a few weeks ago. Fab walk, wonderful natural walk.

Fantastic. This hike really gives you the feeling of being far far away from the bay area. The vista west from black mountain is well worth the climb.

Nice views of the hills, very pleasant when the creek has water.

mountain biking
2 months ago

Beautiful view many trails for biking

Gorgeous views! Bring a lot of water since it can get hot.

3 months ago

Great trail for a day hike on the weekend. Plenty of shaded and open space parts of the trail and beautiful views along the way.

Great trail for morning to day hike! It gets quite hot later on in the day so be warey! There are some paths that have shade. This one splits into multiple other trails which is really cool! Many of those are dead-ends which is perfect because you get to venture into an area where the view may be amazing!

This can be a bit challenging if you take the sky-something trail portion. As near the end it will be deathly incline! Going to black mountain point and back was simple.

Nice trail for a day hike. There isn't much shade on the way up, but plenty on the way down. No drinkable water so bring plenty on a hot day. I have asthma and did this trail easily, but it would be difficult for someone with mobility restrictions. At the top there is a backpacker camp if you have made reservations, and some really beautiful views. Lots of mountain bikers and a few other hikers.

Go early. Not a lot of shade

Solid hike 90 minutes at a March. Keep your phone on for pics of wildlife and great views Lots of deer , turkey, birds and reptiles Very well maintained trail and only saw 3 people from 5:30 to 7 on a Friday afternoon. Drive up to it from Palo Alto is a bit precarious on a windy road so take that light Have fun

Sold hike 90 minutes at a March

Again, there are NO DOGS signs all over the place. The "dog on leash" rule mentioned in another review applies to specific places in the map NOT including this.

Lots of windflowers. A not-insignificant number of hills. Beautiful.

Great trail, incline, path, nature and distance. Dogs are allowed on leash. You just need to read the sign and not the sign logos. We took both dogs and did about a 5 mile loop. Great pace and plenty of nature.

Perfect sanctuary minutes outside the congested suburbs.

1 year ago

Still some green to see on the second half but definitely getting brown. So many newts in Stevens Creek- saw at least 20.

Great views, easy to hike loop trail. Highly recommend! :)