Monrovia Canyon Falls

This is a beautiful Hike and great for all skill level. The biggest thing to know is that you have to Pay to park here, the Adventure pass is not valid. If you don't want to pay $10 to park you can walk up the canyon and park below in the residential area.

Just Enter Monrovia Canyon Falls into your GPS and it will take you right to the destination.

The Hike itself is well shaded, so this is a great hike for the Summer when it get really Hot. It is a popular trail, so come early. The Trail to the Falls is about 2.5 miles but there are a few other trails you can take inside the Canyon to up your miles.

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It is not a 5.8 mile trail.. there are seperate hikes a 1.5 mile and a 3.5 mile.

Great hike, beautiful waterfall. $5-6 for parking

Nice hike for beginners. If your friends aren't interested in hiking because they don't know what to expect, than trust me that this hike is for them. All the kids are doing it. I like it cause of the abundance of shade and the distance isn't brutally long. The waterfall at the end is nice to sit on a rock and reflect. Although the waterfall area is pretty small which can get very crowded. At least you can touch the waterfall without having to get your feet wet.

Parking is $5 during the week and $6 on weekends. Make sure you bring the cash to pay for your pass. If you want a little more challenge it's best to park at the bottom and walk up the road till you get to the trail, then it'll be worth the workout.

Nice hike to get out and explore with your pup, dog friendly trail. There's three different parking locations, lower, middle, and upper. The locations all have a trail that will lead you right to the waterfall. I did the middle area and the trail was like a forest, and the river was along the side of the pathway. Just if it rains, the day after will get really muddy on the trail. Overall good hike!

Beautiful trails with old trees.