Nice hike for beginners. If your friends aren't interested in hiking because they don't know what to expect, than trust me that this hike is for them. All the kids are doing it. I like it cause of the abundance of shade and the distance isn't brutally long. The waterfall at the end is nice to sit on a rock and reflect. Although the waterfall area is pretty small which can get very crowded. At least you can touch the waterfall without having to get your feet wet.

Parking is $5 during the week and $6 on weekends. Make sure you bring the cash to pay for your pass. If you want a little more challenge it's best to park at the bottom and walk up the road till you get to the trail, then it'll be worth the workout.

Nice hike to get out and explore with your pup, dog friendly trail. There's three different parking locations, lower, middle, and upper. The locations all have a trail that will lead you right to the waterfall. I did the middle area and the trail was like a forest, and the river was along the side of the pathway. Just if it rains, the day after will get really muddy on the trail. Overall good hike!

Beautiful trails with old trees.

The scenery on this trail is beautiful and varied. It's hard to believe how secluded it is, considering how close it is to the city (I hiked on a Sunday afternoon and didn't see a single person on the trail).

The mileage on this page (currently listed as 4.2) is inaccurate, though, as you have to walk up a steep paved and dirt road for about a mile until you reach the trailhead. John Robinson's "Trails of the Angeles" book takes the road into consideration and lists the total mileage as 6.5 (4.2 on trail + 2.3 on the road).

Note: There were a couple of large downed trees on the trail before the summit, but folks have beaten a path around them, so they didn't slow us down.

this is a easy hike, you don't really need a hiking stick or hiking shoes. alot of shade, it can get busy but there are breaks between hikers so you get a few moments of solitude and you end the hike at small but beautiful falls where you can rest and eat a small snack this hike is not a loop.

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Love the waterfall and well groomed trail. The trees are amazing this time of year. Went on a Saturday so it was somewhat crowded at the falls. It's a great trail running training course, though as long as you pull over for walkers.