Mission Peak, one of the most popular East Bay hikes, is a great workout with 2,000 feet of climb in two miles and spectacular views of San Francisco Bay and the Diablo Range once you reach the summit.

21 days ago

Went there at midnight, park in the street you avoid tickets that way. It seems hard at first but just keep pushing and you'll see it's rewarding at the end. If you are afraid of the dark don't do it at night lol.

parking permit req. I. weekends and holidays

Holy crap such a good workout! Don't turn back, just push yourself to keep going! It was definitely worth it to me even though I felt out of shape. Something to strive to!

Awesome hike, prepare to hike as early as the park
Open, because it too hot and no shades in this trails.dont forget to empty your bladder before you start going up because there's no barroom up there . Bring a lots of water and snack. Don't forget your trekking poles too, on the top expect a line to take picture on the famous pole or peak.

This hike will kick your bum but it's so worth it!!!!

1 month ago

Great training trail for hill climbing that gets a surprising amount of traffic.

on Mission Peak Trail

1 month ago

Training trail. Up via Horse Heaven then down.

my experience:

1 month ago

The five stars are for this though climb! I would rate it difficult just because it's hard to hike!
I went on 9/3/16 n not even half a mile I blacked out! Which has never happened.
My guess I was dehydrated.
Went back yesterday and conquered this hike! It's such a great feeling.
Nothing much to see except the cows, wild turkeys. I didn't have to wait much to take the picture.
Please take plenty of water and use sunblock (boy am I paying for it today).
Not a lot of friendly hikers

It is not an easy hike and gets hardest on the last leg of the ascent! Take a good amount of water and a light snack!

1 month ago

1 month ago

Awesome trail peak is greatness not easy

Awesome hike but no flowers in the summertime. Make sure to do the full loop and not go back the same way u came - it's more fun that way. There's a great view on top and tons of cows and cow byproducts :) overall, really awesome!!