Mission Peak, one of the most popular East Bay hikes, is a great workout with 2,000 feet of climb in two miles and spectacular views of San Francisco Bay and the Diablo Range once you reach the summit.

A great workout, steep incline, scene is ok but work able, the fun picture at the top is a fun great way to finish :)

2 days ago

Constant elevation. No cover. Best to do early morning. Great views from the summit.

Challenging and steeper at the top. Serene and peaceful at the summit.
I would recommend to hike early in the morning during spring.

Amazing views of the Bay. This hike is very popular, and there may even be a line to take pictures with the pole at the summit. There is no shade on most of the trail, so avoid it on hot days. The best time to go is the in spring when the hills are green.

23 days ago

The trail is challenging. Other then the breathtaking view of the Bay Area at your back on the way up there isn't much too look at. Most people hike up one side and down the same side. I suggest you continue and go down the other side of the mountain. There is far less people going down the side. I saw three people the entire hike down. On the way up I probably saw at least a hundred people.

Is Challenging & Fun

Breathtaking views of bay. Amazing hike. Recommend to hike early in the morning.

26 days ago

Nice open trail with steady increase of elevation for most of the trail. Steeper incline with a bit of rocky climb to the peak to make it much more fun & interesting. Great views from each of the "rest areas" with benches, not to mention the panoramic views from the marker pole. Highly recommend taking the alternate route down to complete the loop. A smaller, but nice horse path on the descent compared to the wide open trail on the ascent. Not terribly hard, but will definitely burn some calories.

Tough but rewarding.

28 days ago

Great hike. Awesome views

Moderate hike with amazing views

2 months ago

Went there at midnight, park in the street you avoid tickets that way. It seems hard at first but just keep pushing and you'll see it's rewarding at the end. If you are afraid of the dark don't do it at night lol.

parking permit req. I. weekends and holidays

Holy crap such a good workout! Don't turn back, just push yourself to keep going! It was definitely worth it to me even though I felt out of shape. Something to strive to!