You start out by a school parking lot then walk over a bridge, continuing down a side street until you make a left onto the trail. kept checking the map to make sure this was the right way. once you get on the trail you will have to jump over the creek a few times. If your hiking wait a few days to go after the rain our you will have a muddy time.

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great and very scenic. good if you like that nature walk but still close to home type thing. it's not very "in the wilderness" (the trail crosses through a golf course) but it's still very beautiful and very scenic. I've gone as far as the gazebo at the top of the hills about 8 or so miles in. my cross country team used to do runs here alot so it's really a HIKE to where u need to pack alot of gear. one or two bottles of water and some comfy shoes and you'll be fine. if u run short on water, just ask one of the many cross country runners that train up there. they'll definitely have water on em haha.


amazing trail.. i love it!!