2 months ago

Lucky for me, I run this trail with my dog during the afternoons when traffic is light. It is by far my (and my dogs) favorite place.

Love that there is so many great views and so much open space. Nice place to take a walk or a nap.

11 months ago

Nice bay view

1 year ago

Probably the best view of the entire Golden Gate Bridge. Also fabulous views of Alcatraz and Angel Island. It is generally packed with tourists but there's enough space for everyone. There's also a restaurant, warming huts, fishing piers and Fort Point close by.

Beautiful walk / run! If you're in the area, wouldn't miss it. Golden gate, Alcatraz, city views as well as pelican, seals, sailboats and surfers.

I joined a hiking group and we started here before walking over to golden gate bridge and heading to marin headlands to kirby cove. It has a good view of GGB.

3 years ago

Great birding! The lagoon offers great views of ducks and sandpipers. The beach has a protected area for endangered Snowy Plovers that you can watch. Lots of loons and grebes in the bay as well. Downside is the wind that can pick up pretty quickly and all the tourists, but during the week it's pretty mellow.

Beautiful views. Lots if tourists.

I live near by. Great views of the bridge and island.
And it's packed with tourist on rented bikes, lots of strollers, screaming children & folks running from god knows what.
Not super relaxing but the view can make worth the time