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7 days ago

Views are spectacular! Perfectly challenging, not too difficult for my nine year old son.

Awesome trail. Moderately trafficked on gorgeous weekend day but not bad

The rodeo trail portion is a wide dirt road with a steady moderate uphill grade. It is well traveled by horses and dogs - beware their leavings. The views from the top are excellent and the single track portion of the loop is lovely. Next time we'll opt for a longer loop that sticks to single tracks. The trail is well drained, excellent for rainy and foggy weather hiking.

This is a basic, flat trail to Tennessee Beach and back. The first half or so is paved. Lots of parking. This could be a quick run, walk, or mt bike ride. I read the sign on the way out that says no dogs...oops. I get it, as many people don't pick up after their pets. I gave this a 3rd star because the small, private beach is cool.

19 days ago

I've done this twice already and wanted to wait for the second one to leave a review. First one was one of the hottest days during the year. We did Coyote to Coastal to Tenn Valley and totaled 8 miles. The second half along the Coastal is exposed to the sun the entire time, steep, but absolutely breathtaking. Very well marked trails and never feels crowded. We repeated the same on a cooler day and it was much better. There are lookout stops to enjoy the view above the water. Recommend sunblock, patience, and lots of water.

21 days ago

The Slacker portion is super short. The views are incredible and are probably as good as it gets for seeing San Francisco, Marin, and the bridges. It is very exposed. I walked it with the pups but will return to run it.

I started up Alta/Morning Sun and went South, across SCA and Coastal before heading up Slacker. That route was a little over 4 miles round trip. I highly recommended this trail for the views. Absolutely amazing.

The directions take you to a sign that says private drive, stay out. You get the impression the neighbors aren't very friendly. You'll want to drive back down and around the corner and start on the Alta trail. There are several parking spots near the trailhead. Alta starts out on some steps and switchbacks for 10 minutes and then meets this trail. The signs are clear. There is zero shade at that point. Overall, this trail is lower in the middle and higher on each end so there are both uphill and downhill segments. I saw several mt bikers so I kept the pups on a leash. This trail ends at a small, shaded picnic area. If you don't have pets, you can continue up to the next peak but that unnamed trail had a lot of low brush so I turned back. Good views of Sausalito and Richardson bay near the beginning. Its a nice walk or run on a cooler day, or a fun mt bike ride. Several variations and other adjacent trails. 

On a day with little wind .. one of my favorites!

1 month ago

This is a combination of a few trails, so if you're just going off signs it's easy to get lost if you're not familiar with the area (I'm not). The AllTrails map helped me stay on track though! Beautiful views at the top of the loop, great place to stop and eat lunch if you're making a day of it. The end of the trail is along a windy road, so be careful on the tight shoulders, otherwise great!

The views are great and the bunkers are fun to walk through and around. If you stay on the marked trail, it is mostly paved. I found myself taking all of the dirt detours and stopping often for pictures. There is zero shade so plan accordingly. Parking is easy and free. Steady uphill climb to the top with one or two steeper sections. I kept my dogs on the leash and did see a coyote who was unphased by us.

1 month ago

Nice little trail for a lunchtime break, although it could be added to a longer hike in the area. Lots of birds; enjoyed watching a woodpecker go at a tree right off the trail. Went in October, but would probably be better in Spring when there is water flowing.

2 months ago

Parked at Miwok trailhead and went clock-wise, hard but not difficult. If using your phone GPS be sure to pull up the trail before going down to the trailhead as cell service is very limited. But the trail is marked very well. Trail is in the Sun throughout the hike, and of course it was one of the hottest days in SF. Great views of SF and Marin. Nice wide fire road so be aware of trail runners and cyclist. Trail says no motorized bikes. But mountain bikes ok.

It was pretty, with great views on a clear day but most of the trail was dirt road or along a road and it was very exposed to the sun. We did it on an unusually hot non-windy day so that may be why we didn't love it. A lot of the trail also is littered with old bunkers if you are into that but it takes away from the nature a bit.

2 months ago

One of my favorite hikes. Pretty steep climb most of the way, with very little shade so bring some sun protection. You can get a great view of Marin and the Golden Gate Bridge at the top of this loop!