Easy walk. Pretty trail, with fairly good shade. Main drawback is noise from the nearby freeway.

Easy hike with a nice rocky climb at the half way mark... Took 2 chihuahuas and they walked the whole trail...

Very pretty, but right now there is a section that has some very aggressive bees. We got stung multiple times on two different occasions in the same place - east of Genesee, on the south side of the creek just before Biltmore Trail.

More of a walk, next to the freeway the whole time. Lots of poison oak and bees.

nice hike with diverse scenery. Very green lots of spring flowers. But you are next to the highway most of the time and can hear the highway noise.

Super pretty easy hike that runs along a little creek. Easy to get to, there are bathrooms a parking lot and a clear trailhead. The only thing is it runs along the freeway so you can hear the noise

mountain biking
1 year ago

Not bad for a walk in the park, or just going for a run. Not the most entertaining place for a mountain bike though. Some fun technical stuff, and some more expert type terrain is available too, but there certainly isn't very much. Was a well maintained area though.

Even though there's significant freeway noise from Hwy 52, this is an enjoyable place to cool off under a canopy of sycamores and oaks in the city. Easy walking with a couple of water crossings in rainier seasons. Make sure you lock your car. Good place to introduce kids to hiking because the trail is short and relatively flat.

Pretty hike but would recommend some music headphones cuz the 52 is annoyingly loud.... Also, as shown is not even close to 6.0 miles????

Nice hike. Included the side to the west of Genesse and went out to the railroad tracks next to the five. Also recommend going up Cobb street and Stanley trails for some great side hikes. We got in an 8-9 mile hike with the above additions. Aside from the constant traffic noise from the 52, it was a very enjoyable hike.

2 years ago

We weren't so impressed as you hear the hum of the traffic as you walk and the trails are not clearly marked.

My wife and i decided to see this park, it's a nice and easy hike with shade from trees. very short hike but very beautiful.I sugest you read Afoot and Afield is a book about trails in San Diego,

Great trail for the family. My son and I walk it regularly and sometimes take our bikes. Watch your kids around the poison oak.

We love doing the trails with kids. Also good for jogging strollers.

It's a nice looking trail And is well maintained but you do hear the constant hum of traffic from the 52 freeway throughout your hike. There is a lot of poison oak on the sides of the trail but the trail is wide so you are not forced into it.

Lovely but lots of poison oak.