Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park is the site of California's largest "hydraulic" mine. Visitors can see huge cliffs carved by mighty streams of water, results of the gold mining technique of washing away entire mountains to find the precious metal. Legal battles between mine owners and downstream farmers ended this method. The park also contains a 7,847 foot bedrock tunnel that served as a drain. The visitor center has exhibits on life in the old mining town of North Bloomfield. From October through April, the western slope of the Sierra receives between 40 and 60 annual inches of rainfall. Snow is common at higher elevations. Spring, summer and fall temperatures range from the high 50s to the mid-80s. The park is open daily from sunrise to sunset.

1 year ago

Pleasant discovery near Malakoff Diggins SHP, which we discovered after arriving has very few trails for people with dogs. This trail is a short walk (.7 miles) away, in the Tahoe National Forest, which is much more dog-friendly. Nice hike, lots of switchbacks, takes you down to the South Yuba Trail, where you can continue up or downstream. Well shaded. Beautiful area.

We got 3 miles once we reached the river, the actual Missouri Barr trail T's into the Yuba trail. Spot on river is beautiful & quiet from lack of people. It is an easy trail as far as terrain but it is a nice decline entire way and then back up. We went on thanksgiving day so ran into no one, weather was about 55 degrees and no mosquitoes but I could see it being a problem in summer! There were some gnats but not too annoying. Good time of year too cuz poison oak is dormant.

3 years ago

We've hiked this trial several times, and usually in the fall when it's cooler and the maple trees color is changing in town. Nice quiet trial with some amazing scenery. Lot's of history in town and on the trail. Left over remnants of the gold rush days using the water cannons are along the trail, and of course in town. The trail is easy and family friendly but be ready for swatting bugs away during your hike. There's also lots of signs that bears have been on the trail too. We've never seen one there in person, but we did have a close encounter once where we are confident noises just a few feet away in the brush was a bear getting to their feet and up on their hind feet. So now I ware a bell and carry bear spray just in case. Even though the state park is closed, the rest rooms are open and the trials are open. Enjoy a quiet time in nature and in history!

The trail is nice. From the Trail Head down is a zig zag motion. Make sure you have "Head Nets" because the mosquitos are vicious!! They get in your nose when you are inhaling and or in your mouth if you open it. I forgot mine with my repellant for the first time ever and of course, I paid it dearly on the trail. Once you get down to the river, they disappear. As you can see in the pictures the river is a crystalline paradise. Soft current. This time of year not too cold. Especially not cold if the day is hot. Wonderful swimming spots in different areas. I call you to just relax while you take it all in. The journey back up is going to get you winded but its just a couple of miles so it ends quick. The whole way is in good shade. Very good for those hot summer days. The end of the way is worth it.

WOW... what a great lesson in history from the museum and old town of North Bloomfield, CA to the Malakoff 'Diggins Loop Trail' we really enjoyed all the places they had to learn about the GOLD RUSH! Great place to take the kids.