Very easy hike, good for families. Very minimal inclines with rocks. The trail is just a loop. Most of the way you are surrounded by high shrubs so don't see anything, but once you reach the top there is a great view of the lake. Lots of rocks to climb along the loop. The first time we tried this trail our dog got some kind of thorn in his foot and couldn't walk, so we had to turn back. Came back another day without him to finish the loop. We did see a lot of dogs on this trail so it is dog friendly. Not sure I would do it again because it was a little too easy but seems great for families.

It was nice. At first you couldn't see any scenery because the shrubs around the trail were super high, but the garther you go, the more open it got. The view of the lake was beautiful.

I hike and ride horses there often. Great trail for a quick cardio workout or just to take your time and enjoy the scenery

Super fun and easy, perfectly shaded

RATTLESNAKES! This hike had a rattlesnake right on the trail- almost at the beginning. Not that you can judge a trail by that of course, but it is the perfect habitat for snakes so beware! It is extremely hot and has a lot of rocks. There is an amazing view about halfway through the trail, though. I don't recommend taking your old, small dog like we did, though. The sand in the trail was too hot for her!

7 months ago

Great lil hike with the bestie! Swore I saw a bobcat she says it was bark but I know what I saw-lil guy was just chilling in the Oak Oasis! Unscathed by the poison oak-lots of it on this quaint lil nature hike. Had a great time and the scenic outlook was rewarding! Lots of lil froggies-a lil bit of everything! Goodtimes!

Extremely quiet back in there, very peaceful. Watch your step! I found a rattlesnake 10 ft off of the main trail.

We did this hike on a spur of the moment and it was close by. We didn't know what to expect and when we arrived there was only one other vehicle parked. The area has some camping spots and seems to be extremely quiet all the time. Once you hit the scenic overlook area, there is not much more to see after it. The scenic overlook is beautiful and we loved just sitting there for awhile and talking.