Beautiful trails, great place for a relaxing and easy hike.

Beware!!! I was hiking at 4:30pm this afternoon with my 5 yr old and 2 yr old. We heard, then saw, a large rattlesnake about 18 inches away from my 2 yr old. We were in the middle of the trail and the snake was just off the trail in the tall grass. I'm extremely upset, as I am an avid hiker and have never encountered a rattlesnake on this trail in the past. With the amazing rain this year the canyon is lush and green and just perfectly serene. Unfortunately, I won't be taking the kids back here anytime soon, as they love to retrieve sticks and this easily could have been a fatal afternoon for my youngest, who weighs 25 lbs. That being said, grab your thickest boots and a walking stick and enjoy this trail, maybe leave the dogs and kids at home. The waterfall is beautiful right now and despite danger for the littler ones, it should not be missed.

Easy trail. There was plenty of water in the creek and so much grass! I saw two people on my hike. I loved the isolation

Heads up: Trail closed 1 mile in from east heading west. 2/4/17

The park and trails are closed for the foreseeable future due to all the rain. We just popped in and there was a rescue crew and they were preparing to helicopter out a woman that ignored the closure. Not only is it muddy but large trees have been coming down. Please stay safe and follow the rules and guidance of our park professionals. .

Trail entrance was closed. Perhaps due to recent rains.

It was a good time, very muddy which made for even more fun. (All this good ole rain we've been needing) You could go the "dry route" but it was on the really wide path away from the greenery! The single trail is much more exciting! Had to walk through some pretty thick mud, and hop a few mud pits and streams, so be sure to wear some waterproof shoes! There was a sign about poison oak on the ground, but not sure we saw any. The view of the waterfall was beautiful! Oh and everyone on their mountain bikes were very courteous- went up and around us without question. Also people with dogs tended to be very aware of other dogs, we were asked twice "are you okay with our dog coming up to your dog" great trail. We took our 11 year old daughter, 9 month old son and Boston dog they loved it!