Easy walk with no elevation gainat all, but a beautiful waterfall

10 days ago

Nice easy trail to take a walk on. The falls are nice to see. Very pretty and serene. Only downside is the bicyclists, most don't understand trail etiquette which is a little frustrating. Especially when it's busy.

Great hike to do when nothings going on. Not too difficult and you can spend hours moving along.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Easy to moderate biking with several different options. Small water fall halfway through the persevere. Great place to explore. A gem in the mist of suburb North county.

This was more of a nature walk than a hike. Did the 6-mile out-and-back trail to the falls and it was about 50/50 shade to sun. Make sure you bring some water! There was no fee for the parking lot.

very easy but it was quite long.saw five horses and lots of cool scenery the "waterfall" was a little disappointing i have to admit. did not compare to home (upstate New York) stillglad we went

pretty though a little smelly. the entrance road is very easy to miss.

easy buy very long. a lot of traffic on this trail. started mid day and finished in pitch black. all the night noise was hauntingly beautiful.

Easy Pesy. Nice and flat. Take water and go early to avoid heat because very little shade

Great walk, not a lot of shade. Go early because it is hot in the summer!!

3 months ago

Beautiful scenery and quiet. the small ponds host some fish and walking under the over pass is breathtaking.

It's a good place to walk, run, ride your bike, walk your dog, or go horseback riding because it's completely flat. Just watch out for the road apples, there are A LOT of them. It's pretty nasty. Why don't horse people have to pick up after their horses? that's just disgusting. Oh and there is no waterfall this time of year :(

it is a walk on plain road. we tried in summer hot day. There is not much shade. kids enjoys waterfall. Try this early morning in summer.

No hills on the trail, but you will walk on sand and small rocks. Some shades. We walked here once in the morning in very hot day, not so pleasant, once in the afternoon very nice. More than 1 way to get to the waterfall.