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1 day ago

1 day ago

pretty good hike that's close to my house in pismo! can't beat that or the views! def plan on doing this again

2 days ago

Oh dear lord sweet baby Jesus. This bad boy goes up...forever. You hit a switch back and pray for the sweet relief of flat ground if only for 10 feet, but no. Unless you're Thor or forest Gump and one day just felt like hiking don't do it. That being said we will definite try to summit this mammoth of a hike the next time we are in ojai. 5/7 would suffer on this trail again.
Also some super awesome views of the falls on your way up.

For an epic experience after winter rains, head west ~5 miles up Matilija canyon to the waterfalls. Look on a topo map for the falls and old road. The owners of the private property allow you to pass through even though the sign says no hiking. It is not an official trail and you have to walk in the water the last mile. The waterfalls this year are the best you will ever see.

Average, easy trail. Some old road asphalt and pretentious "get off my street" signs. Parking access is sketchy on Avila side, and trash is prevelant.

Great trail for casual riding. Can't wait for the extension to the Octagon Barn in SLO.

Nice loop trail for the family. Mostly exposed. Frequented by mountain bikers, some of which do not ride with a bell, so be cautious. Suceptable to flooding at times.

Lots of unmarked trail intersections, but as long as you keep going up, they mostly lead to the same place.

Beautiful! We hiked Sunday of the President s day weekend, between the storms, so everything was lush, green and growing. I was glad we hiked it in cooler weather because while the first appropriately 3 miles has cover, the remaining 8 are fairly exposed, so hiking in the summer could even more challenging due to exposure to heat. Beautiful hike with an exceptional view of the Ojai Valley.

Rain/ wet conditions! Trail closed!

11 days ago