Loved it! Even saw a bobcat !!

Such a fun experience and the waterfall is nice relaxing reward.

It's great :)

Love this canyon. I Used to go here when I was a kid before it was developed as a park.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Nice! Easy to access and good for all levels. I am a novice mountain biker so I had to walk my bike up a few of the big hills. The waterfall is just shy of 3 miles in. Also beware the hills are rocky. We enjoyed the day.

2 months ago

I went in the 3 miles it take to reach the waterfall. The trail was well maintained, and more of a walk than hike. Regardless the surrounding habitats were gorgeous with some good bird watching and peaceful side trails.

2 months ago

3 months ago

Easy trail with a few spots for shade in between. Great variety in trail hopping with alternate paths. The waterfall is the real treat, take of your shoes and socks and cool down in the water. The rocks at the waterfall also offer some fun traversing.