we extended and took the fire road to nail trail before meeting up with little carson falls. portions of this hike are amazing - liberty trail and nail peak were both beautiful, interspersed with some fire road hiking. Also a quick hike along bolinas faifax road is required to link up the reservoir trail and liberty. The waterfall is gorgeous right now.

6 months ago

Beautiful views of the North Bay and lovely wildflowers; but be careful -- the trails aren't well marked (esp. the Liberty Trail -- which seems like hardly anyone ever goes on)!

Also, note: Even though it says that the road is closed, hikers and bikers can still go on the trails (just not cars).

Breath taking views, wild flowers and fresh air. Waterfall was minimal but still nice hike.

Yes wild flowers were good this time of year 5/28/16

It is a challenge with the steep hills and stairs but well worth it!!!

Amazingly beautiful! Big waterfall with many levels. A tough hike but worth it indeed. Will go again!

Did this trail a while back. As mentioned the trail is a fire road for the first 1-2 miles. There are some views but the best option is to come in late April / Early may when the falls are still "falling" and the wildflowers are out.

mountain biking
4 years ago

This is great mountain biking riding and some might considerate demanding. The first climb up to the Pine Mtn. junction is very technical. The Repack downhill is a blast.

One of the nicest falls in the area. I like to take Old Sled Trail rather than the Pine Mountain fire road. Do this aftee a rain and you will be richly rewarded.

the hike to this waterfall is a fire road, not much to look at most of the way, there is a nice little stretch through the trees. the falls are nice, not stroller accessible.