Very nice it is a very short trail.. but I loved it

16 days ago

Nice A lot water Nice and green trail.

There's no clear sign or trail markers. We ended up hiking to Millard Falls, but that was less than a mile, and it definitely wasn't a loop. Nearby trails are Mt Lowe, Echo Mtn, Dawn Mine. There are a lot of cyclists here, just be weary.

This trail is shady and very easy .Fantastic on a Summer day
Beautiful fauna

The north section of this trail is relatively secluded considering how close it is to the city. The views of the canyon and the mountains above it are beautiful. I missed the waterfall though (apparently there's a turnoff for it). Overall it's an easy hike, but it seemed harder than most 3-mile trails based on the first mile-and-a-half alone. I also hiked it in 80-degree weather, so the heat was a factor. Next time I come to this area I'm going to take Mt. Lowe Road all the way to the camp.

Very fun and easy hike with kids.

Great my kids love this place

If you park in the second parking lot, you can reach the bottom of the walls in about 0.6 miles by following the signs. I believe this trail as marked leaves from the first parking lot and takes you to the top of the waterfall, but did not have time to test.

Easy and fun for families!

8 months ago

It was a beautiful short hike.

Beautiful day . Lot's of water and the fall is 50ft of cascading coolness . A great spot to pack in a lunch and cool off your feet.


Great local trail with an impressive waterfall at the end. The falls are not raging with water, however, the canyon and the acoustics at the end are something everyone should experience. The trail is properly rated as easy, even with the few stream crossings and boulder hopping en route. Friendly folks and charming birds along the way make this outing a pleasant surprise.

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1 year ago

It was an easy little hike.. I went from sunset ridge down the bike path into the Millard campground through a little kinda rough small trail. It's about a half mile walk up to the waterfall which due to drought was not putting down much water.. Still had a good time. Lots of ppl in the area. Hiked back and went around to start hiking to the dawn mines.. But weather got ugly so didn't have time for that one.. Next time...

1 year ago

I took these high by mistake, but in the end I love it total walk all the way to the sunset, it was 6 miles.

2 years ago

This trail was the beginning route that we took to ECHO Mtn. It was a great place to park and a more moderate route to the top of Inspiration Point. Making it a good 13 mile hike. This trail joins the Chaney and Sunset trails leading to Echo. Going to Echo is just a 8 mi return trip.

i loved this hike. went a couple days ago and tried through millard campground got yelled at by the overseer of the campsite but the secondary route is open now went today and was fine but it is very overgrown and this way is more difficult. going to dawn mine sometime next week.

This trail is probably my favorite. I have been walking this canyon since I was a boy. I love the forest and the wildlife in this area. There had always been something magical about this particular area. I love how the environment changes as you get deeper into the canyon the trees get bigger and the river-rocks turn into boulders. Some trees have fallen over and it's fun for me to stop and ponder the story behind each fallen giant. Don't forget your Adventure Pass.