Dogs-In the North Lime Ridge area, north of Ygnacio, dogs must be under positive voice and sight command or leashed at all times. Since cattle graze in this area, dogs chasing cattle can be a serious issue. Lately, there have been some negative dog vs. coyote encounters when dogs stray close to dens as well. No dogs are allowed at any time in the center section of Lime Ridge south of Ygnacio. This is the Lime Ridge Wildlife Preserve area. South of the Preserve, dogs are allowed once again but on leash only.

Perfect length and challenge. Steep at times but mostly pretty easy.

Quick and easily accessible way to get away from it all. Did a short loop today and found it a perfect change from the 'neighborhood' jog. I started up top off Ygnacio. Took the Paradise trail through the shade then up and over Blue Oak trail. Met the Oholone trail and headed back to complete the short loop. Very peaceful midday hike and not overly exhausting even in 95 degree heat.

The convenient location and tons of trail options mean I'll be back to hike and bike this park many times!

Love this place I have seen lots of animals, flowers and birds. It's a nice easy trail I can take young kids on.

Beautiful, very hilly. Trees starting to get swollen buds, will have leaves very soon. Great view.

I saw the reviews and was a bit skeptical about the trails, but I have to say that I have really enjoyed this one. Parking is a snap. And I can start up the hill directly to the left and leave the city behind in just a few minutes. Even though you are so close to Ygnacio Rd. the noise from the cars quickly dissipates and you feel like you are much farther away than you are. I thought it was a very nice place to get a hike in without having to drive very far. Ive been here at least a dozen times. Also, it is not very crowded at all. there are days when I don't even run into another person.

Very boring trail. There are so many better trails within 10 minutes of this park, skip it unless you're doing it as a workout. Watching sunset on the ridge is the best part of this trail, so plan your hike around that if you must go. We did spot a California King Snake and a bunch of rabbits on the trail.

Time to complete: 1.5 hours
Level: moderate
Exposure: Full sun

Best in Winter and Fall to avoid rattle snakes.

Very confusing. Got lost. Some signs said dogs had to be on leash, some signs said no dogs aloud, and some signs said dogs must be within sight and sound (off leash but under control). Very little shade.

2 years ago

Too sandy for mountain biking, although it looks like an ok place to hike.

A neat trail the delivers some great views of Diablo Valley after some solid elevation gain. Lots of different directions you can head and nice overlooks. Easy to get to and fun for a quick trip

trail running
4 years ago

Good hard running trail. Good elevation.

There are some good singletracks and jumps if you know where to go but the rangers are bitches and dont let u ride there