This beautiful and scenic 914-acre park and reservoir is just minutes from the urban centers of Santa Clara County. The park includes the 475 acre man- made reservoir available for shoreline fishing. The County park is also part of a chain of parks and open spaces connected by the Bay Area Ridge Trail, which, when completed, will connect Sanborn with Almaden Quicksilver County Parks as well as Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve and other parks in the greater San Francisco Bay region.

Good moderate challenge, well-maintained trails. Nice amount of shade. Didn't realize the last bit was on the road, but no big deal. Good window of vista in the middle of the hike - we were able to see the Bay. Took us a little under two hours.

trail running
2 months ago

Lots of shade, decent inclines. Not too crowded even during weekends. Good running trail.

Very nice trail - good length and difficulty. Enough trees and easy to follow.

Great hike, but not much to see at the peak except a couple of transmission pylons. Watch out for hornets and rattlesnakes.

3 months ago

It's not demo forest, it's jones trail

It was good. It wasn't so hard as it is drescribed. We made the first loop and we weren't tire. In our way up was open parh, not to many trees or shadows but in our way down was close path with shadows and trees in both side of the way. There is not so many people or nobody was there but is realy safe and quite. I think is good for jogging, biking or stroll.

Fun, good inclines, lots of shade

Is good for doing legs :p

Nice walk great view of San Francisco on a clear day on the top of the hill.

great walk. the way up is covered with trees so it's not that hot.. the way down is out in the open but goes a lot faster. we had a 5 year old with us and he got tired only towards the end.

Nice and sunny day with a good workout

8 months ago

up hill 2.5 miles, down hill 2.5 miles, so I wouldn't recommend this for small children unless they're carried. the rocks can be very slippery. nice views, lots of wildflowers.

I used to hike these trails regularly last year when I was living in Los Gatos. Limikiln trail is 10 miles round trip. Priest Rock trail is around 8 miles round trip. The two trail intersect each other. These 2 trails together with the Kennedy trail segment connecting the 2 offers several training variations depending on your mood and energy levels. A full loop taking one of the the trails to its end point and taking the Kennedy trail to the other and returning on that trail will be over 10.5 miles with nearly 2500 feet cumulative elevation gain - very good preparation for harder hikes like Yosemite's Halfdome or Grand Canyon rim to river!

mountain biking
9 months ago

Tough trail, but nice! Lots of shade. Started at bottom
Pf Jones Trail and went up Likekiln. Went down Priest Rock Trail. Approximately 6.3 miles round trip. Take water

trail running
10 months ago

Good for people that love to get a good work out and also amazing for coming down hill!