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Accidentally did the reverse of the proposed trail- really burned my legs out on the incline. Ok hike and weather, but too many people and a lot of dogs.

I have always hiked in the Sierras, and decided to check out the coastal range. I prefer the Sierras, but I've heard Muir Woods is a good place to check out.

my experience:

Not easy! But I guess that's always relative.

The shell mound is cool, lots of lizards, saw some deer and a rattlesnake once right in the middle of the trail. Oh and cows! You can see SF from the top if it's clear.

Tough incline at first but views are amazing and overall a great hike!!


It was nice. There are several trails here. We got turned around because of the cows but found a nice shady trail. Beautiful.

rock climbing
4 months ago

Best trail with most personal space once passing the permit point... there's rocks to climb too.

4 months ago

Great hike with beautiful views on a fall evening.

Hike is a serious cardio work out if you follow the proposed trail and include Sycamore and Devil's Hole Trails in your route.

Going down Sycamore Trail from the Ridge is a bit of a scramble.

Quite steep, but the view is definitely worth the climb. The trail map provided by the park is not very helpful. Half the time we couldn't tell where we were and no one else on the trail was sure either. Despite that, it's a challenging hike with a reward at the top :) I definitely plan to do it again.

Great!! Not for beginners lots of hills

6 months ago

Great workout if you do the full loop! With 2 steep climb it's excellent cardio. Do it!

Pretty strenuous at first but well worth it . More signs would help with directions but we found our way eventually ! View was great

Great hike! Lots and lots of hills to get to the top, but it's worth it for the view!! Gorgeous! I'll definitely do this hike again!

This is a good trail. It definitely get your heart pumping with repeating steep grades if you follow the documented path. There are alternate trails which make it easier, but still fun on a sunny cool day. There is some overhead cover at different spots on the trail. I've hiked during Fall and Winter. It could be a different experience during Spring and Summer. There are porta-potties at trail head.

These trails are range roads primarily. There are several of them. Keep focus on Alltrails app or you can walk a different trail than what is documented here.

If during colder days after you reach the time, it gets cold with the wind blowing. After rainy season, water run-off has several spots that are really muddy and slippery; and when descending, be ready to "surf" down the mud and prepare for the sudden stop at vegetation again. So take a spare set of shoes after the hike.

I hike this with my 19 and 18 years old sons. They enjoy it too because there is a lot of things to see in the 6 miles.

The only part of the trail I don't like is the paved part, but it is a small part of the entire trail.