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2 months ago

Went there in the summer of 2015. A lot of up hill ridding with Temperatures in the 90s. I thought we would be able to go swimming in the lake from the trail. The shore had thick deep clay which made getting into the water impossible. Not a fun day. Maybe if it wasn't as hot and if California wasn't in a drought things would have been different.

Nice shirt little hike, good information given along the way about various things. Not many vistas but as I said good little hike.

4 months ago

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11 months ago

My friends and I were looking for a morning hike that was close by to where we live and found Little Flat to Bummer Peak Trail. The trail had beautiful views and for the most part was well maintained. Due to the lack of rain this January the footing was very good, although we wondered how it would be during an average winter, as there were several creeks that you crossed. We were not able to find any information before hand about the details or directions of the trail itself. The trail head (once we found it) did not have a map posted anywhere that we could find. We were able to find a small sign identifying that we had the trail we were looking for. There were several forks in the trail that we guessed at, but as beginning hikers with two of our group at least 75 years old it was not a good feeling. The view from Bummer Peak was beautiful, but we would have felt more confident if there were more specifics about this trail.