Near the City of Oroville this man-made lake was formed by the tallest earth-filled dam (770 feet above the stream bed of the Feather River) in the country. The lake offers a wide variety of outdoor activities including camping, picnicking, horseback riding, hiking, sail and power boating, water-skiing, fishing, swimming, boat-in camping, floating campsites and horse camping. Lake Oroville Visitor Center has a museum, exhibits, videos and a store. The view from the 47-foot tower, with two high-powered telescopes, is a spectacular panoramic view of the lake, Sierra Nevadas, valley, foothills, and the Sutter Buttes mountain range (smallest in the world). The area includes the Feather River Fish Hatchery, built by the Department of Water Resources to replace lost spawning areas for salmon and steelhead. Displays on the State Water Project and the areas natural and cultural history are featured at the visitors center.

Started with the 3.5 mile section and came back on the 4.5 mile section.
3.5 mile section is mainly alot down hill with an increase in elevation around the 2.5 mile mark.
The 4.5 mile section is a more gradual increase in elevation back to the parking lot.

Only complaint was the garbage that we saw off the sides of the trails.
If you pack it in, pack it back out !!!!

Lovely hike, mostly shaded, great surface. Needs a bit better signage.

little hard, but totally worth it.

nice view at the water fall

I absolutely love this trail. Lots of ups and downs and it's beautiful, right along the water when the lake is full. Can't wait to do it in the spring. :)

1 month ago

Beautiful day. Easy quick hike before work. I recommend it.

Not , a good time when it starts raining .. But , well worth it ..

Awesome views. Bring plenty of water. The end was a little steep. Great hike!

2 months ago

Challenging hike but well worth it. We went on Labor Day and started around 1030am. It was nice and cool under the trees but once out in the open it was really hot so bring lots of water. A few downed trees we had to climb over and soft ground in some spots so be careful. There are railings in some places but it's all worn down and I wouldn't trust putting all your weight on them. My 10 year old daughter went and I was worried at some points where it was steep and no railings but she did just fine. Lots of poison oak and overgrowth in some areas. Reaching the canyon bottom was a nice reward. Ate lunch, dipped in the water, built cairns, spotted a garter snake, and enjoyed the breathtaking beauty of nature all around us. The hike up was a killer and I had to take a lot of breaks. The ascent was steep and treacherous and the sun was beating down on us. My son in law was leading and almost stepped on a huge rattler sunbathing on the trail ahead of a downed tree. The rattlesnake hissed and shook it's rattlers as it slithered off the trail and we moved on. Lots of gnats flying straight for your eyes and mosquitoes buzzing in your ear so bring bug spray or a net to cover your head. My app said the hike was a total of 6.06 miles and we took a total of 3:21:39 hours but it's sometimes not very accurate. It also said the elevation gain was 1,416.5.

3 months ago

Bring bug spray, excellent hike, falls are beautiful, defiantly a moderate hike, the "loop" consists of following either trail, go to the overlook, then back to the tree with the bench, then go your opposite direction ( yeah we missed that part) the steps up from the overlook take you to the top of the falls, but then come back down the same direction, in shape, went thru 66 oz of water..... Start early it gets hot ..... 8/27/16....

This was a good hike. We took a trail along the stream that eventually took us to the lower Falls and then when we went to the Upper Falls. Make sure you get there early in the morning because there's not a lot of shade and it can get really hot.

Love it ! Beautiful waterfall and very scenic :) hike was hard on the way back due to steep slopes.

always a fun hike. There's water in the falls which is nice. Definitely go beyond the overlook to the river, the water is not too cold. We dipped in it for several minutes and it helped keep us cool on the way back. I've done the 4.5 in and 3.3 out several times (it's more of a workout), but this time did 3.3 in and 4.5 out and still moderate but not as exhausting. Take plenty of water, and bug spray. The plus was no rattlers this time (yes they do exist in this area), but we did see a lovely black and yellow long snake- so keep your eyes open on the trail.