This lake gets a fair amount of foot traffic but is relaxing to be by the water. The main photo shown for this lake is not in fact lake balboa. It is a nearby lake located st the Japanese Gardens in the Sepulveda dam basin area about a half mile east of lake balboa. The gardens lake walk is superb for relaxation and meditative meandering.

Beautiful lake area, a little crowded sometimes but there's lots of greenery, and you can rent bikes or paddle boats!

4 months ago

It's a nice park, plenty of paths to run on. My kids love it

Good scenery but too many people for my taste

A lot of ducks, geese, squirrels, and even a pair of swan. Nice easy hike, it was very peaceful.

9 months ago

This lake has some great perks: easy to walk, easy to get to, tons of parking, ducks in every part of the walk and super family friendly.

Overall I enjoyed the walk but there was limited shade, it was crowded (I went on a national holiday so most people had the day off), and it was a short walk.

I'm glad I got to enjoy a new place but I won't be coming back anytime soon.

10 months ago

Its a great trail for walking and running. There are a couple different paths around so you can always switch up

Boring, flat but convenient with plenty of shades.

1 year ago

road biking
2 years ago

Love this park and biking here. Easy and family friendly!

2 years ago

My mom used to take me here all the time when I was a kid. Very pretty. You can rent paddle boats for the lake in the summer. Nice picnic spot. I think there are some jungle gyms too. Very spacious. Not the cleanest, cuz there are birds and geese everywhere, but I still like it.

3 years ago

Crowded, dirty, feels like a uglier version of echo park.. Don't go.. Ewwww

This trail is long, straight, flat, and wide. It is therefore ideal for cross country/track work out, 5K runs, and bicycles. It is also good for walking and jogging with or without animals and children. However, there is no way to loop back across the river west of Balboa Boulevard. Bicyclists can connect from the starting point to the Orange Bus Line biking trail which connects the East from the west San Fernando Valley.