Easy hike. Very pretty.

Fun, easy and lots of animals to see.

have to pay for parking

We've done this loop dozens of time as a family. Really fun!

Nice park and trails. My dog loved it and so did I :)

Very simple/easy hike, and there is free parking at the sports park next to the entrance :)

9 months ago

Nice park, very easy hike

Nice park. They over charge for fishing. Paved trail was nice. Ran into a crabby ranger that thought we were walking too close to the geese. Is there 25 yard rule? We always respect nature and keep our distance.

Oh my gosh - this place is gorgeous! Hubby and I took our three year old and did a loop around the lake - it was fantastic. People jogging, walking their dogs, biking, parties being had - the area is perfect for that. We saw dragonflies, bunnies, geese, squirrels - even sweet little goslings! This is the definition of perfect for beginners - mostly flat, easy to walk, not too long (2 miles to loop the lake), and so much beautiful scenery to look at. Can't wait to explore more!

nice spot for a picnic, then walk it off around the lake.