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Laguna Coast Wilderness Park lies within some of the last remaining coastal canyons in Southern California. Forty miles of trails lead the visitor through oak and sycamore woodlands and up onto ridges with expansive scenic vistas. Rocky bluffs tower above the canyon trails. Visitors to Laguna Coast Wilderness Park can see California as it has existed for thousands of years. The Coastal Sage Scrub community covers hilltops and slopes, along with patches of Native Valley Grassland and Maritime Chaparral. In the canyons visitors can find riparian habitats lined by Willow, Oak, and Sycamore trees. After a plentiful winter rain, the ephemeral streams spring to life. In the summer, you can easily pass through the seasonally dry creek beds. The park is part of the Natural Community Conservation Planning program, which is designed to protect rare and endangered species, from California Gnatcatcher to Orange-Throated Whiptail, by preserving large tracts of Orange County.

Good trails, nice mix of sand and rock. Easy on the legs

on Big Bend Loop

12 days ago

The 1st mile is straight uphill, but worth it with great views.

it was an okay hike, but the lake is completely dried up now and it was very hot. there are some nice hills and wildflowers but not a very interesting or unique hike. we some some hawks and a road runner though:) also you have to pay $3 for parking. go on a cooler day or else youll be sweating like crazy

Beautiful, partially shaded hike along a creek bed and then along a ridge. Great views. Awesome rock formations. Moderate hill climbs.

Not a terribly attractive hike. This is an OC Park with $3/daily fee or use your annual pass. Parking lot is large and even on busy days doesn't usually fill. Trail is exposed and has no shade. Lake Barbara is dry. Ridgeline hikes are near or under power lines and you have a view of the 133.

on Big Bend Loop

1 month ago

on Big Bend Loop

1 month ago


1 month ago

a beautiful hike. Easy going with some climb on the way back. No shading so make sure to bring a hat, sunglasses and wear plenty of sunscreen. Lots of wildlife, flowers and mountain bikes, they were all cool and rode along the side. An awesome hike I'll do again.

Nice trail. Lake is dried up. It wasn't a couple of months ago when we hiked here last. Couple good climbs and narrow steep descents. Not a lot of traffic. This morning few other hikers and couple trail runners. Bring plenty of water. No dogs allowed.

I love being in nature so this trail receives 4 stars but I don't know how this trail is "easy" and quick. I hiked this trail by myself. I took the Lake Trail to the Canyon Trail as the map for this hikes says. Nearly half the trail is uphill and when you come down the trail is narrow and steep. I was prepared for a easy 3 mile hike not this. Now I know. I may come back when I'm better prepared (like more water).

I saw a total of 6 people on the trail and 3 others hanging out in hammocks. There are so many trails, it's easy to be on a trail by yourself for awhile.


Good, easy hike for families! The lake is dried up, but stop at the Nature Center and get the handout that helps you identify animals by the scat you find along the trail. My kids had a great time looking at animal poop! They "identified" a bobcat, a coyote, raccoons, opossums, and a deer. :)

3 months ago

Lots of mountain bikers and some trail runners. It's a clearly marked trail with beautiful views on a clear day. The trail on the map here doesn't go all the way to the ocean, but the trail markers seem to indicate that you could continue with Bommer Ridge Trail when it merges with another trail (Laguna Canyon Bowl, I think) and get closer to the ocean.

Lake is dry right now

Great hike, but don't do it on a hot day. Very few if any beach breezes