1 month ago

Not very scenic, from what I remember of this trail.

Loved the challenge, the alternation between flat and uphill stretches. Went to the "top" just to have it done once, but will explore the dirt trails around the top next time to enjoy the hills' beauty more deeply.

4 months ago

This hike was hard for me. I wasn't able to make it to the top. I will definitely do this one again.

Only minutes from Vacaville, a perfect way to start off your Saturday morning without having to head into more distant hills and still be home in time for a party at noon. 7.4 miles can be done without exceptional difficulty. Stick to the single track mountain bike line for a more true to form hike and avoid the gravel road often flooded with other hikers. The highlight is the ridge line between towers to maximize your experience and views. Don't forget to stop at the old swing oak for a break and a swing.

trail running
7 months ago

hard-packed trails and gravel, some steeper hills. You can see the prisons on the other side once you get to the top. A lot of flexibility from flat to varies ways up the hills. Some of the trail get chewed up from grazing cattle though.

Lovely views with rolling hills. Some well-packed gravel, some paved, and some well-packed dirt trails. I think there is a dog park nearby too. I'll be back!

It was great! Wide open spaces, beautiful trails up rolling hills, lagoon offers welcome relief to the summer browned hillside.

There is a kids play area and a frisbee course, so watch out for flying saucers coming your way if you find yourself unexpectedly on the course!

Also, check out the Vaca-Pena Adobe, it is a historic landmark. Parking fee is $3.00 for the day--what a great deal!

Nice quick hikes with many options to choose from. Some hike that are moderately difficult, several that are easy, and always nice views from the top. Usually breezy and cool but can get hot during summer. Go in the morning on the weekend because it can get pretty busy later on in the day.

Lagoon Valley, aka Pena Adobe is a good solid hike with lots of options for different skill levels. Generally cool and comfortable thanks to the northern and wester winds which converge at the peak. Some wildlife, turkeys, hawks, squirrels, and the rare but occasional mountain lion reside in the hills.

Highly recommended for all skill levels, though it may be a little easy for the more experienced hiker.

trail running
2 years ago

One of my go to places for training running uphill. Sever climbs both long and gradual or short and steep. I have actually logged about 5 miles in 1 loop. Very open space so there is no worrying about getting lost. Right off the freeway either Alamo exit or Cherry Glen Road which will take you over freeway to Lagoon entrance

If you park at the end of Butcher Road you can avoid paying the Parking fee at the park. The hike from here to the communication tower is about 5 miles and is a gradual incline all the way up. It's a nice hike if you want to do something not too difficult or long.