Great undulating hill course providing a consistently great workout. Also has several offshoot trails which intersect with the smaller paved lake trail.

Nice loop, will probably try it as a run soon.

Dogs are allowed on a leash per EBMUD policy:

I love the Rim Trail. 5mi is an ideal hike length, the hills are challenging but not impossible, there is a great water fountain halfway around, and every step is beautiful.

Challenging hills and beautiful views. Pushes me to the limit but no further.

Beautiful and challenging! Definitely wear good hiking boots and bring a camera. Maybe hiking poles too.

Very enjoyable trail I did with a friend. Quite a bit of ups and down but no long sustained hills. It gets a little traffic but not much as the crowded lower trail. We saw a lot of deer and waterfowl. I highly recommend this over the lake trail.

To do the entire trail you have to obtain a permit from EBMUD. Their office is by San Pablo reservoir and the permit is inexpensive and it's good for a couple of years. I've done this hike a few times and I've only seen a few people, all women, on the backside of the trail away from Bear Creek Rd. I rated it difficult only because of length. Not many people are prepared to do a hike this long. I've never had anyone else go along with me. There is all kinds of wildlife especially waterfowl and birds and the usual deer, coyotes, foxes and I've had a bobcat jump off a side hill about 20' in front of me as well. It would be best to take a friend along because of it remoteness and I've seen signs of mountain lions also. Take plenty of water, a permit and enjoy the hike. For safety there is a sign in board in the lower end of the lake when you go EBMUD property. This is a great fall through spring hike.

A pleasant paved and easy 2.7 miles trail. Most people can walk around this loop in about an hour. The path offers lovely scenery of the surrounding hills covered with virgin oak woods and an abundance of wildlife. A feast for the senses and the soul.

We hiked the upper rim of the Lafayette Reservoir. This track is longer than the Lafayette Reservoir Nature Trail (5 vs. 2.8 miles) and it has some very steep inclines, this is definitely not a beginner’s hike. The trail is a loop and has nice views of the Mt. Diablo and the surrounding areas. Hiking poles are highly recommended for the steep descent on some of the hills. Parking lot at the Lafayette Reservoir has daily entrance fee of $7.00.

Kid friendly, dog friendly and people friendly. One of the most walked places in the bay Area. Good for all ages and even wheelchairs. Good to combine with upper trail if fitness allows.

Goofed up map with an incorrect distance if it was true. I've done Briones a few times and I think it's 16 by itself and I've done most of the length of San Pablo.

We took the Rim Trail from the east side of the parking area to the Campolindo trail, descending down to the Lafayette Nature Trail. Campolindo Trail was very steep! The Nature Trail very busy! Aside from the good little workout, this trail offers grand views of Mt. Diablo to the east, surrounding residential neighborhoods, and the reservoir itself. I'm looking forward to completing the entire Rim Trail.

Easy and scenic trail. Kids friendly.

Nice scenic easy trail around the reservoir. Kids friendly.