Thoroughly enjoyed our experience here!

One of my favs for a booty burner

During this rainy Sunday we hiked along the Lafayette Reservoir for two laps; each 2.7 miles for a total of 5.4 miles (under 3 hours). We were fortunate and had a break in the rain. So an "umbrella" hike with no umbrella was needed, very enjoyable.

Great undulating hill course providing a consistently great workout. Also has several offshoot trails which intersect with the smaller paved lake trail.

Nice loop, will probably try it as a run soon.

Dogs are allowed on a leash per EBMUD policy:

I love the Rim Trail. 5mi is an ideal hike length, the hills are challenging but not impossible, there is a great water fountain halfway around, and every step is beautiful.

Challenging hills and beautiful views. Pushes me to the limit but no further.

Beautiful and challenging! Definitely wear good hiking boots and bring a camera. Maybe hiking poles too.

Very enjoyable trail I did with a friend. Quite a bit of ups and down but no long sustained hills. It gets a little traffic but not much as the crowded lower trail. We saw a lot of deer and waterfowl. I highly recommend this over the lake trail.