Beautiful scenic view I wish the trails were longer and with some type of direction. I ran into alot of dead ends still had fun brought my 2yr old and 16 yr they loved it.

This was a great day out with the family! The river and rock formations are beautiful and make for fun climbing obstacles for our young children. Their was many off chute small trails to explore that we were unable to get to today, that we'll come back and explore.

Excellent path for children (I had a 5 year old with me). Plenty of rocks to climb up and down, a mild main trail for walking the loop, and several offshoots that go down to the river for easy exploring.

Nice day to swim in the river with our dog and kiddos

Nice walk. Can't wait to bring my dog

love this hike i take my kids they love it always people hiking and walking and bringing there dogs as well

great hike. took my 2 and 4 year Olds and they kicked butt climbing the rocks! my cousin brought her 3 year old and she did great too! fun. but be ready to help the kids along the way. we will be going back soon!

Beautiful views!

Nothing too exciting.

Beautiful... Great trail

Great trail so beautiful

It was nice, the directions on the map took us to this sketchy dead end road with lots of stray kitties and a locked fence.. I never found the "oak dale" trail head, but I just drive the extra 20 minutes to Knights Ferry and started there. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL I had my dog with me and we went in the morning, it was about noon when we left and it was just starting to get crowded.. There's so much room to wander off and enjoy the outside. We wandered off the main trail and hiked in a couple rough spots, but the river was in plain sight the whole time.. Loved it, free parking and it also had a historical feel with all the plaques and houses to look at!

nice scenery