Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area, managed by the Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation, includes large areas of native coastal sage scrub habitat, lawns and landscaped areas, picnic sites, tot lots, fishing lake, lotus pond, community center and five miles of trails. There are six restrooms; the community center has four administrative offices and a small meeting room. One of the most actively used features is the parks variety of footpaths and trails. The Burke Roche Trail and the Rim Trail are the most recent trails created. More than 7 miles of existing trails include the Burke Roche trail which is 2.2 miles, the Bowl Loop at 0.8 miles, the Ridge trail at 2.6 miles, the Waterfall Trail at one mile and the Ballfield Walking Path at one half-mile. Open Daily 6:00am to Sunset

mountain biking
1 month ago

Kenneth Hann Park is great for mountain bike training. It's hills and many extensive technical curves are sometimes difficult to maneuver; however, with extreme caution, a rider can overcome and learn from such trails. Great for an early/ afternoon hike/mountain bike ride! This is what I like to call my "back yard" for training purposes.

First time at this Park for hiking and walking had a great time

2 months ago

Wow. My boyfriend and I hiked up to Autumn's Peak to watch the 4th of July fireworks and it was amazing. Big payoff for relatively little work. Because it was after hours we parked down by La Brea and Don Lorenzo Dr. so we wouldn't get ticketed. So we had some boring ground to cross before we got to the recreation center loop. It doesn't really get interesting until you go east of Cloverdale Ave. but the view up at Autumn's Peak was amazing and fireworks were literally going off all over the city for hours. Absolutely fantastic.

Love to do this hike when I pick up or drop off at LAX.

Full loop directions on my blog:

cross country skiing
1 year ago

A great close destination. An island of nature in the midst of petroleum ugliness. You can't get lost; downhill leads back to your car.

Not bad. Little confused on where to start, but we figured it out. Just park, climb the hill, and turn right. That will lead you to park where you can jog with others.

love coming here with my great diamond in the rough with great views of Downtown! and love the new exercise equipment.

great view of LAX and Santa Monica

Great hike and beautiful scenery!

Hidden gem right smack in the middle of this megalopolis called L.A. If you live here, GO!! You won't regret it! Any MUST DO for any REAL Angelino

3 years ago

Picture of the stairs is the vista pacifica trail that is not part of the main area of the state park. It's near Culver City park off Hetzler. Have fished at Baldwin Hills State Park (pre Kenneth Hahn) a couple of times and have hiked it maybe a half dozen times since 1988. They finally have the waterfall working after years of it just sitting there rotting away. Think I extended the hike to a full 4 miles as I started on the La Cienga side walking to the Japanese garden, the waterfall and up to the lookout area before following a road down and then paralleling La Brea and coming back up from the intersection of Stocker and La Brea and then doing both the La Brea Loop and the Bowl Loop trails. Then walking back down the road past the community center to the stream and the lake and back to the trailhead starting point. Fair hike with above avg views. Give the stroll a 5.2 rating.

1 star for being well maintained.
1 star for the beautiful view.
1 star for a good workout.
1 star for its convenient location (within the city)
1 star for lots of parking



I love this place, I have been going there for years. It's a great escape from the city. There is a beautiful view of the entire Los Angeles City on a smog free day. The view ranges from the ocean, the Hollywood sign, to the buildings in LA downtown, and further east...

Depending where you start, you'll have to go up a good steep hill, which is the good work out part. Once you pass it, you arrive near the top and get to see the beautiful view I was mentioning earlier. From there, the rest of the trail is fairly flat, you might go a little bit downhill and up hill again, but nothing serious.

If you live close by, you should definitely do it. I do recommend doing it a late afternoon, when you'll get to enjoy a magnificent sunset. The park is free during the weekdays and I believe there is a $5 fee to pay upon entrance during the weekend. (The fee is subject to change, I imagine)

I don't know who posted the pictures of the stairs, but it is located somewhere else. It is close but it is not part of this park.