Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area, managed by the Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation, includes large areas of native coastal sage scrub habitat, lawns and landscaped areas, picnic sites, tot lots, fishing lake, lotus pond, community center and five miles of trails. There are six restrooms; the community center has four administrative offices and a small meeting room. One of the most actively used features is the parks variety of footpaths and trails. The Burke Roche Trail and the Rim Trail are the most recent trails created. More than 7 miles of existing trails include the Burke Roche trail which is 2.2 miles, the Bowl Loop at 0.8 miles, the Ridge trail at 2.6 miles, the Waterfall Trail at one mile and the Ballfield Walking Path at one half-mile. Open Daily 6:00am to Sunset

the park is starting to look much better.

There are a lot of different routes to take here and having this app helps navigate so you can explore and still find your way. If you want to get some amazing views of Los Angeles, this is a great hike for you. Just know, as is true with any hiking trails really, that the length of the trail sometimes depends on what path you choose. The estimated mileage listed here may be true for a tiny portion of the trails, but it's easy to accidentally step off that specific trail and go on a longer (or shorter) hike.

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easy and well marked route with nice city views. it's a nice bit of the outdoors in the middle of the city.

The trail is okay, however if you do the trail and go to the lake it's a perfect nature day right in the middle of the city. This is one of LA's hidden treasures, bring a blanket and make a picnic by the lake (pond). Parking is free on weekdays.

$6 parking on weekends. Cash only. We didn't know about parking costs and left cash at home. This is not a review on the trail, just to inform people.

mountain biking
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mountain biking
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Kenneth Hann Park is great for mountain bike training. It's hills and many extensive technical curves are sometimes difficult to maneuver; however, with extreme caution, a rider can overcome and learn from such trails. Great for an early/ afternoon hike/mountain bike ride! This is what I like to call my "back yard" for training purposes.